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Destination Management of the town of Český Krumlov

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, foto: Lubor Mrázek Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o.
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Český Krumlov
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The Destination Management of the town of Český Krumlov (here in after called DM) within the framework of the Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o. have been closely co-operating with the Český Krumlov administration since it was established in 2001, and together with the people working in culture sphere, Department of Internal Affairs and public relations have been ensuring the official management of tourism in the town and meeting tasks in harmony with its aims : COORDINATION, SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM IN THE TOWN OF ČESKÝ KRUMLOV AND ITS SURROUNDINGS.


  • Partnership co-operation with competent subjects in local, region, national and international standards.
  • Management, marketing and communication strategy of the Český Krumlov destination, professionalization of services, management of quality, education.
  • Co-ordination of local subjects.
  • Creation and initiative of complete tourist products.


2 (+ 1) qualified staff members having demanding qualification and training:

Jitka Zikmundová - studies at Hotel College in Prague 8 Subject Hotel and Management of Tourism, Graduated - state examination and dissertation "Tourist Product of Budvar Brewery of České Budějovice". Since 2001 she has been a staff member of the Destination Management of the Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o. In 1993 she was in the making of the Tourist Information Centre INFOCENTRUM of the town of Český Krumlov, until 1995 she was its first director. She gained the knowledge of international tourism during her stay abroad where she worked as a director - foreign representative of agency CzechTourism in Vienna and Berlin (1995 - 2001). Since September 2004 she has been attending a one-year educational stay in Germany within the framework of educational program "Internationale Nachwuchsförderung" Foundation of Robert Bosch.

Jitka Zikmundová and Jitka Plouharová, Destination Management 
of the town of Český Krumlov, foto: Aleš Motejl

Mgr. Zdena Flašková, MBA (at present on maternity leave) – studies of culture history - South Bohemia University in České Budějovice (graduated - state examination and dissertation), history and German language – P. Lodrona University in Salzburg, Management of Tourism – J. Kepplera University in Linz, graduated - leaving examination and project work "Comparing Development of Tourism in Towns of UNESCO – Hallstatt and Český Krumlov", title Akademischer Tourismusmanager. 1996 – 98 European Information Centre of South Bohemia University – documentarist, director, 1999 – 2002 – State Castle and Chateau of Český Krumlov – business manager , since April 2002 Destination Management of Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o.

Ing. Jitka Plouharová 1997 - 2000 - subject studies Economics of Services and Tourism - South Bohemia University in the town of České Budějovice, Department of Economics and Technology of Tourism (graduated- state examination and dissertation); 2000 - 2003 - studies Commerce and Business Subject, taking honours in tourism- South Bohemia University in České Budějovice, Department of Tourism (graduated - state examination and dissertation "Analysis of activities of travel agencies associations in Czech Republic", she gained the knowledge of tourism during her studies - guide services, attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions of tourism in Czech Republic and abroad, State Language Examination in German language, Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (Goethe Institut), since June 2004 Destination Management ČKRF s. r. o.


  • The existence of the official DM in the town of Český Krumlov is a matter of course for an international group of professionals in tourism. The DM is an expected contact partner for all tourism aspects and provides professional services in harmony with major trends within the framework of EU.
  • The DM co-creates and guarantees the official marketing and communicating strategy of the Český Krumlov destination. It has an irreplaceable role in the development of tourism, thanks to its professional knowledge and experience is able to analyse different situations and suggest right solutions in harmony with the strategy plan of town, follows and takes advantage of developing grant project possibilities which correspond with a long-term strategy.
  • Besides Infocentre the DM is an accredited official tourist authority having confidence and mandate of town. It communicates with subjects of local tourism and culture, instigates project creation, co-operates with the management of quality, education, appeals to inhabitant relations to the development of tourism.
  • The DM is a major authority of the critical management of tourism. Tourism is very sensitive to every negative occurrence – playing with time! The DM provides immediate, adequate and true notifications, tries to respond immediately in order to avoid adverse judgements on the tourism development in the given destination.
  • The DM creates platforms of co-operation with foreign partners, arranges experience and knowledge about international tourism, is a competent partner for regional and supra-regional institutions and authorities not only in tourism.
  • The DM and Infocentre and town press officer co-create internal region industry and image of the town of Český Krumlov.
  • Within the framework of town workers, local organizers of cultural and social events, local entrepreneurs in tourism, representatives of non-profit making organizations taking an active part in public life and culture sphere, etc., and it is also a co-creator of internal PR of town.

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