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Český Krumlov Among the Top Attractions of the Czech Republic

Český Krumlov has taken the third position in the Most Popular Places in the Czech Republic contest. This contest was declared by the magazine “Travel in the Czech Republic” published by Mladá fronta publishers. The magazine readers have been voting for the country’s top attractions. The cupital Pratur took the top spot in this year’s second annual contest, followed by the town of Litomyšl. In total 328 places were mentioned on the voting questionnaires.

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Český Krumlov is a traditional tourist destination which is gaining in popularity. The annual amount of visitors to the town has increased by around 3% compared to the previous year of 2006. While the amount of visitors in the main tourist season has remained about the same year on year, we have noted a marked increase of both individual visitors and tourist groups in the off-season period of January to March. The number of virtual visitors to Český Krumlov on the official website of has doubled year on year.

Statistical Data on Tourism

An estimated number of visitors to Český Krumlov in the year 2007 is around 1 200 000. This estimate is based on a number of indicators, such as the amount of visitors to various exhibitions, cultural events, as well as local accommodation fees and the amount of parked cars and buses. About 1/3 of this number is made up by organized tourist groups, the remainder being small groups and individual visitors.

"This 4% increase in incoming tourism is also confirmed by the number of overnight stays. Although the fees charged on the overnight stays based on total beds capacity has decreased slightly, the local recreational fees have increased by 4%", stated Mrs. Libuše Smolíková from the Český Krumlov Destination management.

, photo: © Lubor Mrázek

Just as the amount of visitors to the town increases, so does the total accommodation capacity. Last year, the overall accommodation capacity in Český Krumlov has increased by 3%. Presently we offer 3 324 beds in total, out of this 400 beds in 4 and 5 star hotels, 700 beds in 3 star hotels. The remaining balance is divided over self-catering suites, guest houses and private accommodation.

The amount of cars parked on the parking lots managed by the company Českokrumlovský rozvojový fond, a subsidiary of the municipality, has increased in the first quarter of 2007 by 50% and the amount of buses in the same period has risen by 20%. A total of 176 121 cars has parked on the municipal car parks in 2007, an increase of 6 000 year on year. The bus car parks have provided parking for 8 532 buses in total.

The Český Krumlov municipality has provided 1.1 million Czech crowns in 2008 from the municipal budget for activities that support tourist trade. An equal amount has also been provided in the year 2007.

What attracts the visitors to Český Krumlov?

Traditionally, the biggest attraction remains the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau, noting an annual increase of 10 000 visitors. >From April till the end of season in October, a record number of 349 608 visitors have visited the Castle. Another record in the amount of visitors has been achieved by the Revolving Auditorium showing a total of 86 performances to 53 658 viewers. Another significant attraction and a motivation to visit the town is the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov, one of the town’s major cultural events. A total of 12 500 music fans have visited the Festival’s 24 performances in Český Krumlov. In June, the Graphite Mine was re-opened to public and till the end September, over 5 000 visitors have ventured underground. The Graphite Mine will again open to the public in April 2008, after reconstruction and completion of the second viewing route.

How to deal with the more demanding individual tourists?

"In the individual tourist and small tourist groups segment, we have noted an increased interest for package deals and programmes, as well as various incentive initiatives for both smaller and larger tourist groups. We see great potential in marketing to and paying attention to individual clients, both from the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries. A good example of a visitor from this category is a family with children arriving to Český Krumlov and deciding to spend an active holiday over here, staying for a number of days. Therefore we will target this segment of individual tourists with various projects being prepared right now," stated Mrs. Jitka Boháčová, Director of the Český Krumlov Destination management.

A Future Outlook

In the next couple of years, the town will address the following areas: further enhancement of programmes catering to individual tourists, improvements to the official information system, smarter use of the town’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status, creation of package deals for visitors and promotion of active tourism both in and around the town. In 2008 the town of Český Krumlov will reveal a new tourist destination to the public. Both visitors and local citizens can get a fresh experience through visiting newly opened exhibitions and sights. First, this new location will witness the opening of the Museum of the Seidel Photographic Studio in May 2008, followed by opening of the Krumlov Synagogue to the public as a site of both cultural and social activities. This destination’s trio of attractions will be completed by the opening of the newly reconstructed garden house of Egon Schiele and adjacent areas including the Rose Garden.

The Český Krumlov municipality has also made an agreement with the National Heritage Institute in České Budějovice for partnership on a new exhibition at the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau located in the Castle Museum.

The opening of the Museum is planned in 2009 and its visitors will get access to many previously unseen artifacts presently stored in the Castle Depositary. The Museum would be opened all year round and so would contribute to the town's attractiveness in winter months.

"Virtual Tourism"

According to Mr. Tibor Horváth, manager of the Český Krumlov Official Information System, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in the tourists’ choice of destination: "We regard the Internet as an effective way of reaching potential visitors with a specific offer." The municipality will continue to enhance its official web presentation and add new functionalities. Future enhancement plans include creation of a B2B section, new photo gallery or linking the various offers of accommodation to a complete online booking system.

In the year 2008 the transformation of the web pages catering to Český Krumlov residents will continue.

The Český Krumlov Official Information System and the website have recorded 2 534 885 visits, translating to about 7 000 visits daily. Almost 1 000 000 visitors annually view the web presentation at

The tourist trade statistics of Český Krumlov have been recorded and managed by the Destination management since 2001. Available data is analyzed from three viewpoints. The first viewpoint being – what attracts visitors to Český Krumlov, the second – what kinds of services do visitors to Český Krumlov use and finally – how is information about the town being used. An so the number of visitors to various tourist attractions (such as the Castle, various sights, museums, galleries, as well as one-off and seasonal cultural events) is being recorded in addition to information about the infrastructure (data on accommodation, parking, boarding, conference rooms, usage of local tourist guides) and information on the usage of the Český Krumlov Official Information System and the Infocenter services. "We examine various data and trends. Good relationships with partners from the tourist trade business and their willingness to co-operate enable us to get a clear picture of the tourist trade in our town and prepare suitable plans and strategies for the future," explains Mrs. Jitka Zikmundová, the deputy mayor, the importace of statistical data.