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The Day with the Handicapped - Disability Day

For the forth time from 8 - 9th September 2007 there is a unique event called The Day with the Handicapped - Disability Day in Český Krumlov. The event is being prepared byKiwanis Club in cooperation with the town and Český Krumlov Development Fund with the help of voluntary assistants and other partners.

, photo: © 2006 Lubor Mrázek , photo: © 2006 Lubor Mrázek Regional Museum in Český Krumlov, Disability Day, Day without Barriers, 9th and 10th September 2006

As in the previous years the event focuses on making temporarily accessible those places usually inapproachable for the handicapped or make the approach at least easier. The effort is not only to help the handicapped to see some museums, sightseeings or attractions for free or with the discount, but also to point out the problems they have to deal with every day. Within the framework of this activity there are tours for the handicapped in the town centre, in the castle and in the museum there are planned   touching tours for the blind.

, photo: © 2006 Lubor Mrázek , photo: © 2006 Lubor Mrázek , photo: © 2006 Lubor Mrázek

The exhibitions are offered also in Egon Schiele Art Centrewhich is the only place here completely without barriers. This year´s program will be enriched with for example Museum of Architecture and Art, climber´s wall, possibility to taste shells prepared by Belgian partner Kiwanis Club, or swimming afternoon combined with games. A new conception of cultural program on the square is prepared and this September event also includes Ida Kellarová´s benefit concert with Apsora Choir. This year´s effort is to focus more on children, to include socially handicapped, foster families, children´s homes and SOS villages.

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