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Egon Schiele Garden Studio Now Open to Public

Another pearl has been added to the imaginary silver string formed by the Vltava river in the beautiful southern meander area. Egon Schiele garden studio has just opened following the successful restoration of the house and the adjacent charming terraces. Interiors linked to the works of this famous painter are on view or you can sip coffee at the nearby terrace.

The story of the southern meander thus continues and gives new lease of life to a territory entirely neglected fifteen years ago.  A new walking tour has been created full of pretty views and unusual details surrounded by a calm are full of blooming plants and restored monuments. Visitors can both relax and learn about new notable town attractions (Municipal park, Museum Photo Studio Seidel, Synagogue, Rose Garden).

Come enjoy the garden house atmosphere at the terraces that served in 1911 as a residence and studio of the world famous painter Egon Shiele (1890-1918). Come sit in the work environment of the artistic flat, have a cup of coffee on the nearby terrace and view the works of art by contemporary artists created in the inspirational studio environment "100 years after Schiele".

The little house on the terraced hill has been constructed in the 2nd half of 17th century. The painter Egon Schiele (1890-1918) resided and painted here in 1911. Willi Lidl who was the student at local grammar school scouted this house for Schiele, negotiated rental terms and oversaw a number of adaptations and renovations. Schiele could live her for free with his red haired girlfriend the model Wally Neuziel thanks to the generosity of the owner, a textile merchant Max Tschunk. He adored this "summer" house and its flower-filled terraces. He created a number of studies here, he drew children who came to visit him as well as old women, veteran soldiers and young girls. He painted Krumlov views on wooden boards in oil; in this period he created the now famous paintings such as The Town on the Blue River, Dead Town, Night Krumlov or View Over Krumlov Rooftops for which he then asked 100 crowns. It appears that nobody in Krumlov was prepared to buy them even at that price as they did not conform to the mainstream tastes of that period.

Artists have returned to the garden house more than 100 years later; artists from all over the world reside and create here over the winter months and present their pieces in the summer (Roman Týc, Alessandra Svatek, Artur Magrot, Maty Dio, Tereza z Davle, Tets Ohnari, Karl Heinz Bloyer, Eva Prokopcová, Toy_Box, Helmut Mitter).

Entry into the studio is from the Vltava River bank (P3 Parking, Linecká Street 343).

Open daily at 10 am, at 12 pm, at 2 a 4 pm.

Entry 30 CZK.

Access to Český Krumlov Card holders is free of charge 2015.