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Cultural August in Český Krumlov

Dear visitors,

even the second half of August in Český Krumlov is full of cultural and social events that compete for your attention.

Cultural activities began this August with a Hungarian evening filled with folk music, dance and gastronomic delights.  The International Music festival now continues, with Karel Gott and Eva Urbanová, the excellent Shlomo Mintz accompanied by Pavel Šporcl or Kateřina Englichová, Luborím Brabec and Alžběta Vlčková. On the 15th August we'll take you all the way to Broadway, thanks to its visiting artists, and the ultimate festival concert will feature the Prague chamber philharmonic orchestra, with the cellist Kyrill Rodin.

Mezinárodní hudební festival srpen1        Mezinárodní hudební festival srpen2

Varied mix of concerts is also being offered by Český Krumlov's  theatre club Ántré. You can choose the dulcet tones of the flute at the Fluets concert, a combination of folk, rock and pop at the Model Baazar concert, or listen to the Duodam duo, presenting music from the classics to swing, tango or South American music.

Those who like old-time entertainment can join the  14th International 17th and 18th century   dance course. This year's course is dedicated to dances beginning with the letter „B": the renaissance and early baroque „bránly" (chain dances), and the early baroque bourrée. And should you not fancy joining the actual course, let us at least invite you to the 4th historic masquerade ball, INKOGNITO (29.8.). This unique opportunity offers you the experierience of a genuine atmosphere of a masquerade ball, such as was held in the year 1748. The whole evening will be peppered with jolly dances of the times past, dance demonstrations, and other surprises.

Mezinárodní kurz tanců 2

But there is more than music on offer. Let us not forget the theatre.  The revolving auditorium - the theatre with the highest ceiling in the world - still has several shows to run in its current season : two plays, The three musketeers and The wives of Henry the VIIIth, and the famous romantic operetta, The Gypsy Baron, composed by the „king of musical comedy" Johan Strauss. Furthermore, the South Bohemian Theatre hasn't forgotten its youngest audience, for whom it offers two fairy-tales: Puss in boots, and Round the world journey

Český Krumlov's surroundings also have much to offer

Why not re-visit the old Biblical story of the last days of Jesus Christ at the  Hořice na Šumavě  Passion Plays. Passion plays have a long tradition in Hořice na Šumavě, reaching back to the middle ages. The first written record of their performances is dated 1816, and you can find out more about the history of Passion plays in the local museum. The weather-proofed auditorium guarantees performances in all conditions, and enables barrier-free entry to handicapped visitors. Moreover, the performances are translated into sign-language. This year's performances take place on the 8th and the 15th August, both at 16.30 and 20.30.

Pašijové hry 1        Pašijové hry 2

You should not miss a visit to the Rožmberk castle, either. Here you can experience „Peter Vok's extraordinary night". 2009 marks the 490's anniversary of the birth of this legenday renaissance aristocrat, lover of the arts, literature, good food, drink, and beautiful women. To learn about his life and personality, come and watch the chronicler of the Five-petalled Rose dynasty open the pages that bring to life stories about this great personality of the renaissance Europe. Stories that haven't lost their charm even after the five centuries. These special guided tours take place on selected Fridays and Saturdays, from 19th June to 25th September.

Apart from guided tours, Rožmberk also offers cultural events. This year, for the first time, the castle will take part in the festival České Hrady (Czech castles). Friday's programme is dedicated to a carnival, with musical performances by Jiří Schmitzer and the Eben brothers, on Saturday there will be a concert by popular Czech bands such as Chinaski, Divokej Bill, Čechomor, Monkey Business, and others.
The Summer programme at Rožmberk shall continue in the following week by a performance of the historic fencing group, Bratři z Růže, and the entertainer Vojta Vrtek. On Wednesday you can listen to the bluegrass band, kapela COP, and on Thursday watch a play The double truth about Vilem of Rožmberk, given by the Český Krumlov theatre ensemble.


Nevšední noc Petra Voka 1         Nevšední noc Petra Voka 2

Our offer of visits to the local places of interest extends to the ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle. Here there are regular concerts, theatre performances and historic fencing, mediaeval faires, lectures and exhibitions. Listen to a guitar concert by Štěpán Rak and his guests on the 22st August, or bring your children the following weekend (30.8) for performances of popular Czech fairy tales by the Vít Marčík Theatre.

But the cultural life of Český Krumlov does not end with the last day of August!

In September, visit the jazz festival Jazzky Krumlov, or the  Disability day, day of no barriers - devised for the residents and visitors with special needs. And the lovers of architectural heritage can enjoy the European heritage days.

Special signing of a new book, The Story of  Český Krumlov, is part of the anniversary celebrations of the 700 years of Český Krumlov. This event will take place on the 28th September, during the St Wenceslas festival, dedicated to St Wenceslas, patron of Czech lands, of the town of Český Krumlov, and of the wine-growers and beer-brewers.

In October, we present two festivals: Ekofilm and the international theatre festival Miraculum.

Český Krumlov and its environs offer entertainment all the year round!