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St. Wenceslas Celebrations 2010

As usual, Český Krumlov will celebrate in the last few September days. The town will honour St. Wenceslas, patron of Bohemia but also of beer brewers and wine makers, through dancing, music, good food and drink.

Svatováclavské slavnosti - Seminární zahrada

Before the celebrations begin, you can visit the "Story of Český Krumlov" exhibition which will open on 23 September in the Regional Museum. You can see the first part of the exhibition, mapping the life in the town during the period from 1309 to 1945. This is a unique opportunity to see the original charter from 1309 containing the first written mention of the town but also a number of unique archeological, artisanal and artistic artifacts from the history of Český Krumlov.

The celebrations, lasting several days, will commence on Friday 24 September. Participants of the International Folklore Festival will fill the Svornosti Square with dancing; ensembles from partner towns will also perform. In the evening you can listen to folk music performed by the bands Epy de Mye, Nezmaři and Žalman and guests.

Festival komorní hudby

The Square will belong mainly to folklore on Saturday. Dance ensembles from the Czech Republic and abroad will show off their skills as well as the bands Bran and Taliesyn. We also invite all persons named Václav or Václavka to join us on the Square and into the Infocenter to sign the memorial book.

The Eggenberg Brewery Garden will also be a place of entertainment. Children can look forward to a playful afternoon with Jednota and adults will appreciate the tasting of winning products from the competition "Regional Delicacy of South Bohemian Region".  In the evening there will be music performed by child amateur singers during the "Czech Talent 2010" South Bohemian Sparrow contest. They will be joined by professionals from the band Dobrá společnost. Do not forget to visit the Wine Courtyard or have an original photograph produced in the Museum Photo Studio Seidel. There will also be the St. Wenceslas Open Door Night of Museums and Galleries which is very popular with visitors. Museums and galleries will open their gates free of charge and you can visit interesting exhibitions in the Regional Museum, Egon Schiele Art Center, Museum Photo Studio Seidel and many others. The Castle Tower will also be open for visitors. A new addition to this year's celebrations will be ready in the Monastery garden. In the evening it will be illuminated by the Baroque fireworks THEATRUM PYROTECHNICUM.

Svatováclavské slavnosti

The European region Danube-Vltava will present its joint cross-border initiatives on Sunday. All individual regions have prepared dancing and singing performances and sampling of regional specialties. Tuesday 28 September will see the conclusion of the Celebrations. You can expect the guided tours of the St. Vitus Church, the theatrical ensemble Rovnátka will present the Story of St. Wenceslas and the programme will be festively concluded by a concert to commemorate St. Wenceslas in the Monastery Church.

This is not all! You can also visit the traditional St. Wenceslas Fair between Friday and Sunday and from Thursday to Sunday there will be the St. Wenceslas Balloon Flying for the second year.

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