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Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 2011

Slavnosti pětilisté růže - průvod Welcome to the year 1611! Lord Petr Vok of Rosenberg, ruling over local dominion, has just earned on of his greatest victories. He is credited with defeating the violent mercenary armies of Passau after their invasion of Bohemia. The armies were defeated, paid off, dissolved and expelled from the country. This is a cause for celebration. The Passau hordes have already left Krumlov. Now Lord Vok arrives with his court. He has issued orders in ad advance to prepare a market for the common folk and a feast for the nobility. The celebrations will be completed by feasts with musical performances, cannonades, fireworks and a Knightly Tournament.

The related houses have taken up the task to present the history of the most famous noble house of the Bohemian kingdom - the House of Rosenberg. In the multi-coloured procession you will be introduced to not only the current members of the House, but also the famous ancestors in their splednour and glory. Jugglers and various artists will also march, as well as servants, maids and a legendary figure named Perchta. A number of splendid lords and ladies, closest companions of the ruler, will take up places of honour.

All these festivities will last for at least three days in order to mark this greatest triumph of Petr Vok and his heritage in the memories of the living and chronicles of the dead so that it can be remembered and appreciated again in the future.

Štěpán Kryski, director

Slavnosti pětilisté růže On Friday 17 June at 4 pm the magnificent celebrations will begin. Jugglers, dancers and musicians will perform on the square. There will also be the grand opening of the Pub at Petr´s Eye, inviting everyone for a splendid programme. The 1st Castle courtyard will host the traditional historical marketplace and actors and comedians will also entertain you in the Hradebni Street and on the Prelature courtyard. The concert of Alan Stivell with the front band Bran in the Brewery Gardens will be the highlight of the Friday evening.


Slavnosti pětilisté růže - ohňový průvod The Saturday progrmme (18 June) will be enhanced by a magnificent costumed procession. The brave knights bearing the rose standard with the colour of their House, noble ladies and common folk will greet the town and conclude the procession by a festive ceremony in the Brewery Gardens. As soon as the nobility has settled into their seats,  a Gothic tournament will commence, remembering the division of the roses. Children can join in the Medieval games.The dark streets and corners will be illuminated by the nightly fire procession which will open the Night of Fire. Mysterious magicians and alchemists will paint a number of pictures and shapes into the night by fire. Everything will be concluded by festive fireworks.

Slavnosti pětilisté růže - živé šachy

Have you ever played chess with live figurines on a checkboard 12 by 12 meters? If not, come to the Brewery Gardens on Sunday 19 June where the burgraves of  Latrán nd Krumlov will compete for honour and glory but mainly for the privilege to brew light wheat beer. The female wit will however join the game, guaranteeing for an entertaining viewing. The celebrations will be festively concluded by the procession through the town.




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