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Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 2017

The traditional Five-petalled Rose Celebrations will take over Český Krumlov during the weekend closest to the summer solstice, i.e. 16 - 16 June 2017. This year will be filled with luxurious wedding banquets and fests to mark the 430th wedding anniversary of William of Rosenberg and Polyxena of Prenštejn. Historical processions will pass through the town and more than two hundred performance across ten stages around the town await all wedding guests. A genuine Italian gondola sailing the waters of Vltava River will be this year´s newest addition.

Slavnosti pětilisté růže - průvod The three-day long Five-petalled Rose Celebrations will bring back the renaissance, the most famous period of the town´s history. We will recall the glorious days of the Rosenberg reign, the noble house of the five-petalled rose with the sounds of period music and performances by brave knights, fencers, travelling conjurers, musicians and comedians. Along with medieval music, street theatre and fencing encounters there will also be historical and artisanal markets in three different locations: on the 1st Castle courtyard, on the Monastery yard and in Široká Street. To view the popular Live Chess performance with live figurines, head not to the Revolving Auditorium but to the Monastery garden where the members of the Českokrumlovská scéna theatre club and town citizens will perform a wedding chess game on an 8 x 8 meter chessboard. You will see the story of a passionate marriage of reason with the mature William of Rosenberg and the young and smart Polyxena of Pernštejn in 1587.

This year´s Five-petalled Rose Celebrations will please the gourmets with historical multi-course banquets and staged tastings of renaissance dishes. For example at Hotel Růže your taste buds can enjoy the honey marinated pork belly, stuffed quail, Jesuit cake or period delicacies from the Monastery bakery. Reservation is required for guided tastings and for the Monastery banquets the visitors receive a moneybag as a keepsake filled with period coins accepted during the banquet. "Period recipes did not use salt during the cooking process. Dishes were amply spiced and flavoured with herbs and salt was placed on the table in little bowls as a condiment. This is how we will prepare our dishes too," explains Kateřina Slavíková, director of the Monasteries. A historical tavern will be located in the Brewery gardens with enough space for a quieter meal along with two staged performances and feasts - a welcome address to the sovereign and his wife and company and an evening wedding feast with Petr Vok.

Saturday evening will present little medieval music festival to the visitors with performances by both traditional and new bands. Medieval music in a progressive style will be played by for example Bohemian Bards or the Celtic band Gaia. Performance by the legendary folk-renaissance band Klíč will be the highlight of the evening. On their 35th anniversary this well-recognized top Czech band in their genre will return to the stage in its original 7-member formation.