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Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 2010

From 18 to 20 June the town of Český Krumlov will again dress into Renaissance and remember the fame of the ancestry of the five-petalled rose.

Welcome in the year 1570! The town is filled with drum sounds and the voices of vagrant singers. The common folk and the aristocracy are enjoying the tricks of jugglers and actors and the smell of roast meat and other delicacies completes the atmosphere.
Behold, the nobility is approaching! Lord William of Rosenberg, just named the Highest Prague Burgrave, arrives with his brother Petr Vok. The town is also visited by retinues of other related Five-petalled Rose families from the entire Bohemian kingdom. The brave knights bearing the flag with the rose in the colour of their clan, ladies of noble birth and also the common folk will all greet the town during a magnificent procession which will be concluded by a festive ceremony in the Brewery gardens. A Gothic tournament will commence after the nobility had been seated in their seats, remembering the historical "division of the Roses". And the children can have fun during medieval games.
The nighttime fire parade will illuminate the dark little streets and corners, opening the Night of Fire. The mysterious magicians and alchemists will paint various fire shapes into the darkness. The evening will be enhanced by Celtic rock performed by the České srdce band and the night sky will be lit up by festive fireworks.
Have you ever played chess with live figurines on a chess board 12 by 12 meters large? If not, come and stop by the Brewery gardens on Sunday where the portreeves of Latrán and Krumlov will play a game for honour, fame but mainly also for the privilege to brew light wheat beer. Feminine wit will also interfere with the game, guaranteeing for an entertaining performance. The Celebrations will be concluded with grace as expected, by a final procession through the town.
The skill of weavers, wood-carvers, potters, pastry cooks and other craftsmen can be admired during the entire Celebrations on the historical marketplace located on the 1st Castle courtyard. A souvenir purchased there, such as an original piece of jewelry, a painted pot or a wooden whistle will always remind you of the Celebrations.

Please also accept our invitation for a modern age premiere of a dramatic poem "Rosa Rosensis" ("Rose of the Rosenbergs") which will be performed on Wednesday 16 June in the Masqued Hall of the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov. This poem was probably composed when the poet, J. Canter, has stayed on the Rosenberg court in Český Krumlov in the year 1497-8. This poem celebrating the Rosenberg coat of arms, the rose, will be performed by members of the Dyškanti ensemble.

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