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Krumlov in May

All local museums and galleries have already opened their doors to the curious visitors, the restaurant terraces invite you for a refreshing drink and many cultural events offering dance, music and film are taking place under the Krumlov Tower.

Egon Schiele 120

The State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov has prepared several fresh ideas for you. The viewing routes have been extended to include the laundry room and the cabinet of scientific instruments and curiosities. In the cash desk area on the 2nd Castle Courtyard you can admire the drawings and aquarelles of Princess Paulina. Do not miss the unique exhibition to commemorate the 120th birth anniversary of painter Egon Schiele which will show you the work and life of this important expressionist. You can also discover the magic of history, the beauty of modern art and some education in a number of galleries and museums.

The musical menu of Český Krumlov has something on offer for everyone. The guitar duo Mimofchodem (24 April) will sound a folk and country note, the band Bratři Kramzovi (30 April) invite you to listen to music of the underground and the band Pipí Problém (1 May) will perform in a country beat rhythm. The town will be filled by classical music of F. Škroup, J. N. Hummel or F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy performed by the South Bohemian  Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra (7 May) to commemorate the end of World War II. T e Dutch brass music orchestra Crescendo (15 May) has prepared a musical parade through the town and a performance on the main square. The musical offer is further extended by the performances of the pupils of the Elementary Art School in Český Krumlov, by Pavlína Jíšová with Lakomá Barka (22 April) or Petr Nikl (24 April).

The month of May will also bring us a breath of Eastern culture: the Slavonic Summer (7 May) will introduce two Russian dance ensembles - the Green Castle, a winner of many international contests and recipient of many Russian festival awards, and also a band Zdravica. You can look forward to several ballet performances, folk dances but also dances of different genres.

The Film Festival Projekt 100 will be introduced in Český Krumlov for the first time. The Festival will bring films of the film noir genre but also classic movies of world cinematography. You can decide on one or more of the following films: Deep Sleep, Contract with the Murderer, Play it Again Sam, or the Slovak Vtáčikovia, siroty a blázni. The symbolic icing of the cake of this festival will be the launch of this year's Cannes Festival winner and a fresh Golden Globe Award winner for the best foreign film - The White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke, shot in black and white. This film tells the story of the German countryside shortly before the Great War and the strange accidents happening there.

The spring weather is ideal for sports. Get your bike out, or set out to admire the nature on the horseback, on the scooter or on a quad. Alternatively you can play a round of golf, tennis or do a few rounds in the pool.

The surroundings of Český Krumlov is also worth a visit. You can bid the cycling season welcome in Frymburk (1 May) and in Vyšší Brod you can see various historical cars VW, Porsche or classic English cars (1 May). Children can look forward to the walk through the fairytale forest (29 May) in Vyšší Brod or to the marionette performance Dlouhý, široký a bystrozraký (25 to 27 May) in the Monastery of Zlatá Koruna.

 Český Krumlov looks forward to your visit!

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