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Allure of Culture

The town of Český Krumlov has a vibrant and varied cultural life throughout the year. The beginning of the year will be cheered with the traditional carnival celebrations and the arrival of spring will be welcome in a magical way. During the Magical Krumlov celebrations you can experience the maypole erection or gathering of the witches. Do you long to visit times long past, meet brave knights and noble princesses or admire the skill of street comedians and jugglers? The Five-petalled Rose Celebrations in Český Krumlov make all this possible. The unique atmosphere of the celebrations will further be enhanced by period meals and drink, historical dances and songs.

The summer in Český Krumlov is filled with music of various genres. The Chateau chambers as well as other unique spaces in this ancient town will be willed with musical tones during the Chamber Music Festival or Ancient Music Festival. During the International Music Festival you can listen to stars of the musical world, both domestic and international. The musical menu is further completed by the Royal Music Festival Zlatá Koruna and Jazzky Krumlov. Also, do not forget to visit a unique theatre with splendid natural scenes; this theatre will literally drive you through the story. You can view performances of Macbeth, A Servant of Two Masters, Der Freischütz, Don Giovanni or Robin Hood in front of the revolving auditorium.

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  Not everyone can however freely enjoy the beauty of Český Krumlov. During the Handicap Day - Day Without Barriers all barriers will „disappear" and the town will show its beauty to handicapped visitors as well. You can visit several important monuments not generally open to public during the European Heritage Day. Entertainment at the beginning of autumn is guaranteed during the St. Wenceslas Celebrations honouring the patron of Bohemia, patron of beer brewers and wine makers. You can look forward to folklore, open-door night of museums and galleries or to a market filled with delicious food and drink. The Baroque Arts Festival is set to bring an unforgettable experience in the form of a Baroque opera performed on stage of the authentic Baroque theatre in the Chateau. The rich autumnal offer is completed by the EKOFILM Festival on environment, natural and cultural heritage.

During Advent and Christmas, Český Krumlov will reveal its calm and poetic face. Everything will start with festive lighting of the Christmas tree. Children can look forward to the traditional St. Nicholas distribution of present or to the post office of Baby Jesus. The ancient story from Bethlehem will come alive on the square and also the Castle bears will enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Let's be lured by the rich cultural offer of Český Krumlov.