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Jazzky Krumlov 2010

This year's jazz season is just about to culminate! During the year you were able to attend a number of jazz music concerts, also mixed with other genres. The Theatre Club saw bands such as Quattro Formaggi, Season Match or the excellent trumpet player Juraj Batroš or Laco Deczi. However the festival Jazzky Krumlov is the veritable highlight of the season.

Many Czech and abroad musicians will perform in Český Krumlov during the 4-day period, sounding their musical instruments in the jazz rhythm. The festival will launch on Wednesday 8 September with the Bucinatores band who play mostly modern jazz combined with classical music as well. James Harries, a British musician whose songs have appeared in several Czech films as well, will perform on Thursday. His voice, both lacerative and soothing, will guarantee an excellent musical experience.

Two bands will perform in the park next to the Municipal Theatre on Friday. You can listen to the performance of the acoustic Najponk Trio composed out of a piano, bass and percussion and a band from Košice named AMC Trio with a Swedish guitar player Ulf Wakenius combining the Slovak rhythm and temperament with jazz guitar solos. The entire festival will conclude on Saturday 11 September with a trio of performances. First to perform will be the Slovak band Sanyland, mixing a musical cocktail of jazz, folk, blues and world music. Next you will be treated to an unforgettable performance by Matěj Ruppert, a singer with a showman's soul, and Roman Holý, a funk pioneer. The evening will be concluded by the Madfinger band. These musicians like to adapt their performance to the environment where they are performing so we a have a lot to look forward to in Český Krumlov.

Detailed festival programme.

Bucinatores     AMC Trio a Ulf Wakenius     Matěj Ruppert