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Jazz at Summer's End - Jazzky Krumlov 2009

The 11th annual jazz and alternative music festival called Jazz at Summer's End: Jazzky Krumlov 2009 will take place in Český Krumlov during the 9 to 12 September 2009.

The band DVA will open the festival on Wednesday 9 September. DVA is made up from "HIM" and "HER" and they perform folklore of non-existing nations but also tango, cabaret, circus and pop. Just by this description it becomes clear that this is not a conventional music but something new and fresh. The concert takes place as usual on the patio of Hospoda 99 offering a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Free entry.

On Thursday 10 September you can listen to a young, progressive jazz band Mocca Malaco near the Internet Café patio on the Ist Castle courtyard.  This band's sound is mainly determined by the concord of saxophone and trombone. Free entry to this concert as well.

On the following day, which is Friday 11 September there will be three bands performing in the U Malého Vítka courtyard directly in the center of Český Krumlov. You will hear performances by: THE GIZD Q with the saxophonist Michal Žáček, MATĚJ RUPPERT accompanied by a pianist and Tereza Černochová with the band TAKIN' OFF. This will be an evening filled with jazz fused with funk, latin and soul together with excellent vocal performances. You can expect some surprises, especially from Matěj Ruppert who is known from his band MONKEY BUSINESS. There are even whispers in the backstage that he might want to sing together with TAKIN' OFF so things could get really interesting...

On Staurday 12 September the festival continues at the U Malého Vítka, deviating slightly from the tradition. However, this compact space will certainly enhance the program.

The Saturday evening opens with an international project by the excellent Slovak guitar player DAVID KOLLÁR with his energetic, impetuous and entirely captivating jazz-rock sound. This performance will be followed by LIMITED EDITION, a band lead by Jan Hála, a pianist and composer. The band is typical for its acoustic sound with three brass instruments. Czech Republic's finest jazz players perform in this band.

The four-day long festival will conclude with the performance by the legendary Czech guitar player LUBOŠ ANDRŠT and his BLUES BAND. This multi-talented musician and composer whose music is influenced by ethnic and classical music has performed along with many stars. BB KING himself has sung his praises when sharing a stage together.

David Kollár International project       Takin Off a Tereza Černochová       Mocca Mallaco

Tickets to Friday performance are 180 CZK in advance sale and 220 CZK on the spot. Saturday performance tickets are 200 CZK in advance sale and 250 CZK on the spot. You can also buy an all-weekend pass in advance sale for 350 CZK. The advance sale concludes on Friday at 12 pm.

Ticket sales:, Infocentrum Český Krumlov - náměstí Svornosti, Unios Tourist Service - Zámek 57, Disc Music - Radniční 28, Disc Classic - Latrán 2.

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