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Castle Museum

Castle Museum Come join us for a trip through time! The new Castle Museum will bring you to the times of the Lords of Krumlov, Rosenbergs and other noble houses residing in Český Krumlov over the centuries and transforming its appearance. You can see a number of precious artifacts from the Castle depositories and you can see films from the beginning of the 20th century in the cinema.

The Castle Museum will be located in the previously unused building of the so-called Little Castle with a tower located on the second Castle courtyard. It will be open all year round and it will welcome its first visitors on 11 January 2011

The Castle Museum will be a place for education but also a place of relaxation. You can be engulfed by history in the study room or relax with a cup of coffee in the ground floor café. A fresh, unusual view of the town from the Museum windows will be the icing on the cake. You will be able to witness a perfect harmony between architecture and landscape in the view of the town panorama shaped by two church towers.

You will be instantly transport to the 19th century when you enter the Museum. This period is painstakingly restored with a historic museum installation complete with tile stove, period lights or replicas of old museum showcases. Important noble houses residing in Český Krumlov will be presented in the first two rooms called "Hall of the Lords of the Rose" and "Hall of the Dukes of Krumlov". As you progress, you will enter the offices of the estate manager and the director of administration of the Schwarzenbergs as well as his private apartment. The original layout of the rooms as well as for example the colour scheme on the walls creates an impression of a lived-in place to which its owner may return at any moment.       

Schwarzenberský granátník u děla na II. nádvoří zámku Český Krumlov, počátek 20. století, historické foto , foto: J.Seidel The Museum will also present a number of precious artifacts from the Castle depositories - the Schwarzenberg guard collection, mint and armory artifacts or china. You can also view a model of the Český Krumlov castle as it looked in the middle of 16th century. One of the biggest attractions of the Castle Museum is set to be a fragment of a Baroque shrine with the skeleton of St. Reparatus from the former Minorite monastery in Český Krumlov. This shrine will form part of the ecclesiastical relics' exhibition. The viewing route will be concluded by a cinema showing films from the beginning of 20th century. These films were made by members of the Schwarzenberg house on various locations such as the Červený dvůr castle nearby and were until now hidden in the depositories in the Krumlov and Hluboká castles.

Museum entry fee will be around CZK 100. You will be able to walk the 29 rooms, areas and walkways comprising the Museum at your own pace or you can elect to borrow an audio guide (a record-playing device in the shape of an earphone) and listen to commentaries. 

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