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Chamber Music Festival 26 June - 5 July 2009

The sounds of chamber music will again resonate across the Český Krumlov castle on Friday 26 June. The Chamber Music Festival is one of the many classical music festivals which have a long tradition in Český Krumlov. Apart from many domestic musicians you can listen to a number of performances by foreign artists. The Festival commences by the grand Baroque Night at the Castle. You will be greeted on the Castle courtyard by a jolly crowd of jugglers, clowns and musicians and you will be instantly transformed a few centuries back in history.

The programme continues with a musical performance by the Musica Flora orchestra in the impressive Masqued Hall. The Baroque dance ensemble Hartig will show their skills as well. Next the programme goes on in the unique Baroque theathre - one of the best preserved of its kind in the world. Here you can view, as did important aristocrats many centuries ago, the Baroque opera performance by Christoph Wilibald Gluck called La Danza. The Baroque night will culminate with a splendid feast in the Castle gardens, illuminated by many candles and lanterns to create a magical atmposphere. The evening will be concluded by the festive Baroque fireworks.

Festival komorní hudby      Festival komorní hudby      Festival komorní hudby

The Chamber Music Festival will continue with a concert by the group Octopus pragensis in the Monastery Church of the Divine Body. Ms. Dagmar Pecková will sing during this festival as well accompanied by a piano. The AD Trio group will perform for your enjoyment of tones of the piano, violin and the cello. The concert of Mr. Josef Suk and the Chamber orchestra of Český Krumlov is set to be a unique experience. Other interesting artists set to perform as part of the Festival programme include the foreign signer and piano player Ms. Lucineh Hovanissian, a piano player Mr. Ivan Moravec or the conductor Mr. Jaroslav Krček with the ensemble Musica Bohemica. The Chamber Music Festival will be concluded by the String orchestra of Český Krumlov with the performance called Nokturno - the Jewels of the Baroque Period.

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