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Český Krumlov Wine Festival® 26th October to 30th November 2018 

The 7th annual Wine Festival Český Krumlov ® will bring during five weeks a truly rich programme full of the best of wine-related and gastronomic experiences. From October 26 to November 30, visitors and residents can look forward to meeting wine experts and tasting wines from different parts of the world. This year again, famous names such as Ivo Dvořák, Klára Kollárová, Christophe Garnier or Michal Šetka will be part of the festival. 

From October 26 to November 30, all lovers of good wine can enjoy interesting tasting evenings in a company of well-known or lesser-known wine-makers. This year again there will be the traditional St. Martin´s Arrival on 11 November at 11.11 am and St. Martin´s wine and menu in partner restaurants from November 11 until November 18. The popular Castle Wine Celebration will take place on Saturday November 24 at the Castle Riding Hall. 

The Wine & Gastronomy & Culture programme, which is an integral part of the festival, will offer lots of possibilities to enjoy delicious wines and gastronomic specialties. You can taste, for example, black wines with a liquorice, berries and spices, delicious wines from sunny southern France or wines produced by the characters such as Gerard Depardieu, Pierre Richard or Sting. And that's not nearly all. Choose from a rich offer of enticing programme at

Tickets can be purchased at the Information Centre Český Krumlov or online under, where we offer the possibility to buy e-tickets too. Choosing and shopping can be done simply from the comfort of your home.

Please, accept our invitation for a pleasant stay with wine and renowned sommeliers and winemakers!