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Festival of Baroque Arts in Český Krumlov 2018

XI year of Festival of Baroque Arts in Český Krumlov present from 21 to 23 September 2018 contemporary world premiere of baroque opera L’Ingresso alla Gioventù di Claudio Nerone by Antonio Gianettini presented in Modena in 1692 on the occasion of the marriage of Francesco II d'Este and Margherita Farnese.

The festive opera L'Ingresso alla Gioventù di Claudio Nerone is one of Gianetti's most important works. The theme is based on an episode of the ascent of Emperor Neron to power according to the accounts of the Roman historian Publia Cornelia Tacita. This theme, offering rich insights into court life and the political situation of the time, was very popular during the Baroque era. The well-known operas Monteverdiho L'Incoronazione di Poppea and Händel's Agrippina fall into this category today.

The basis for study of the opera is a handwritten score uniquely preserved in Modena (Biblioteca Estense Universitaria di Modena) and a copy of the libretto that also served as a program for the Modena performance in 1692, also stored there.

The contemporary world premiere of festive opera L'Ingresso alla Gioventù di Claudio Nerone will be performed by first class baroque orchestra Hof-Musici and his experienced soloist.

There will be other memorable concerts taking place during the 11th Festival. Visitors can also attend the popular baroque fireworks and baroque illumination in the Castle gardens.

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