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Rafting which was an important part of life of the whole Vltava region comes back to the upper reaches of the river Vltava after 70 years. In the touristic season 2004 thanks to Voroplavba Český Krumlov s.r.o. (Rafting Limited Liability Company) there appeared raft on the meander of the river in the historical centre which took the visitors of Český Krumlov around the town centre. When rafting it is possible to view the Krumlov Castle, historical buildings and the corners of the whole town of Český Krumlov from the level of the river Vltava. This different view is offered to all those who are interested in rafting on the river Vltava, but do not want to engage in sports or do not want to be wet, get dirty, in short it is for those who require travel and holiday services without any problems including the guarantee of the maximum safety.

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The crafts have all required certificates. The raftsmen are owners of the small craft´s leader‘s card. The insurance of the passangers´ health and property is procured. The clients are provided life jackets of the approved type. Getting to know the town is thanks to the cruise a very interesting experience. The accredited guides comment the journey in various languages (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Japanese etc.) It is also possible to arrange rafting without any guide. During this cruise the clients get the basic information from the raftsmen in Czech, German and English.

In the last touristic season there was one craft and in the touristic season 2005 there will be two more and thus the capacity of the transported tourists will rise up to 36 passangers. The rafts were developed and constructed very carefully. The crafts were tested many times. The passages of the Krumlov weirs were simulated in the projection office and then tested on the river. The result of this effort is a raft which is able to passage through a great wave on the weir under the Plášťový most (truss bridge). The craft was constructed to remind the rafts which passed through the town in the past. The strapping raftsmen wearing historical costumes complete the impression of the authenticity and thus the experience of the tourists who decided for the cruise of Voroplavba Český Krumlov is really extraordinary.

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