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Summer full moons and photographing at the Krumlov swimming pool by Seidels 

The renowned Museum Fotoatelier Seidel in Český Krumlov offers in July and August photographing at the "Krumlov swimming pool". Moreover, during summer full moons you can experience by Seidels the unique atmosphere of summer evenings with a touch of nostalgia. 

The town swimming pool used to be located on the Vltava River in the park near the Fotoatelier Seidel. The "period photography backdrop" with a swimming school is based on Seidel's picture. According to old photographs there were provided replicas of swimming clothing as well as authentic props and beach seats directly from Seidels! Come and be photographed in "period" swimming or navy clothing with a circle, paddle or pole! No fear - Seidel's swimsuit suits everyone!

If you want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the evening photo studio, come to the commented tour during the full moon on July 12, followed by narration and slide show of the Schwarzenberg Navigation Channel. You will learn, for example, that when Jan Rosenauer convinced Duke Schwarzenberg about the advantageousness of building a canal and using the wealth of wood in the inaccessible areas of the Bohemian Forest in the 18th century, he could not guess how significant the technical project would be considered in the 21st century. Someone walks along the canal, another goes by bike. Next one behind the wheel of a lorry takes away tons of wood and others come to see the art, skill and author´s imagination of the idea to combine the waters belonging to the Vltava and the Danube into the one tens kilometres long unique work.

Twenty years ago Ing. Hynek Hladík was nominated the Director of Navigation Channel. He "watches" the channel and gives that hope for its next life. There is no bigger expert in floatation in the Bohemian Forest, an expert who knows how to float wood on rivers, little rivers and artificial canals all over the world than recent jubilant Ing. Hladík. He became also a very good expert in the work of Josef Seidel, who documented the work around the canal before 1900 in one of his most famous photographs.

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