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The Carnival in Český Krumlov 2013

The carnival fun will arrive to Český Krumlov between 8 and 12 February 2013. The festivities will last for five full days. Carnival entertainment, good food and drinks as well as an exciting viewing of the colourful costumed carnival procession and other events are all included in the schedule.

The carnival will enter the town on Friday 8 February at 7 pm, turning the Eggenberg restaurants into one large ballroom. A carnival masque ball will include various unusual contests and programme including tasting fresh pork specialties.

Fans of traditional folk entertainment should not miss the carnival feast taking place on Saturday 9 February in the Brewery Gardens. You can attend a traditional home pig killing event and buy various pork meat specialties as well as other delicacies. Visitors can relax in a heated tent and a kid´s play area will be available as well. A live band will play songs for dancing and listening.

A traditional costumed carnival procession by the Artistic Elementary School in Český Krumlov will take to streets on Tuesday 12 February. This year´s procession theme is "Discoveries and Inventions" and it will start at 4 pm. You will see many authentic carnival masks and the procession will stop several times to entertain the viewers.

Many local restaurants will also celebrated the carnival by offering traditional pig killing delicacies and other carnival meals on the second weekend in February.

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