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New Season at the Egon Schiele Art Centrum VIEW OF WOMEN

Several solo exhibitions for the 2018 season under the umbrella term VIEW OF WOMEN are prepared in Egon Schiele Art Centrum. The exhibition project is being prepared, amongst other things, in connection with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia and the associated granting of equal suffrage to women, as well as with their considerable effort to achieve equality in the fine arts as well.

The exhibition project does not, however, focus on "the struggle" for the rights of female artists, but rather on women/female artists view of the world: their life and work as a testimony to their understanding of the world, whether they deal with any particular subject and use any method of classical or modern artistic expression. Their journey through life, experience, outlook and, of course, novel way of expressing themselves through artistic techniques is essential. In the course of 2018, the works of eight artists will be presented in solo exhibitions:

Egon Schiele Art Centrum 2018: MARIE BLABOLILOVÁ MARIE BLABOLILOVÁ (*1948) / In spite of its specific minimalism, the work of Marie Blabolilová arouses strong emotions; the painter and graphic artist is able to "describe" time in the simplest terms whether it is a matter of the 1960s or the present day. Her extensive retrospective exhibition includes graphics, drawings and paintings that focus on the 1960s. Part of the installation will also be made up of i.a. furniture from this era, linoleum and glass and the like with served as sources of inspiration, but also as working materials.

Egon Schiele Art Centrum 2018: MAGDALENA RAJNIŠOVÁ MAGDALENA Chaya Rachel RAJNIŠOVÁ (*1958) / After long-term residences abroad (Switzerland, France, Ireland, New Mexico, Italy, Israel and others) the painter returned to the house of her birth in Kladno. Her life, which has not always been easy, has materialized in her pictures whereby the “memory of the places“ she lived in assumes a fundamental role. Her themes are: the desert and light, but also biblical motifs. Her work for the theatre is of significance (Forman Brother’s Theatre, Theatre 58 in Zürich, Taos Theatre Company in New Mexico) or cooperation with archaeologists in Israel.

Egon Schiele Art Centrum 2018: TOYBOX TOYBOX The artist is best known for her street art projects as well as for her cooperation with the socially excluded and Roma children; she is also appreciated as an illustrator. She will present a work on the spot that will deal with the phenomenon of Český Krumlov, together with her long-term efforts to help people and animals as well (she is a dedicated animal rights activist), but also with her new role as a mother of twins.

The exhibitions, installations and videoart of the other artist:

ANNA MACKOVÁ (1887-1969)

On the anniversary days of October and November 2018 (100 years since the founding of the Republic, 100 years since the death of Egon Schiele, 25 years since the opening of Egon Schiele Art Centrum), all our planned exhibitions will be presented at the same time within the framework of a two-day Finissage with an accompanying program.

The exhibitions are open daily 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. More information here.