Dear visitors, The Czech Republic is under general quarantine until 1 April. All stores and services with the exception of grocery shops, drugstores, pharmacies, gas stations, newsstands are closed to the public. Residents are required to abstain from leaving home unless they need to go to work, buy food and medicine, go to banks, post offices, or to the doctor. To protect the population groups most at risk, the government has banned the presence in retail food stores from 8:00 to 10:00 of all persons other than senior citizens over the age of 65. Public transport operates in holiday mode. In all places outside the residence, it is ordered to wear the respiratory system protection (the nose and mouth), such as respirators, surgical masks, face masks, scarfs, shawls, etc. Visiting parks is allowed on condition that social distancing is practised. All foreign nationals are prohibited from entering the country, along with Czech nationals and residents prohibited from leaving the country.

Stay safe and healthy and visit us in better times!

The Information Center of Cesky Krumlov IS CLOSED

The Information Center of Cesky Krumlov will operate "on-line" via e-mail info@ckrumlov.info and telephone +420 380 704 622 at the following times:
MON – FRI ... 9am. – 4pm.
SAT + SUN + holidays ... 10am. – 4pm.


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Das Projekt wurde mit der Finanzteilnahme des Südböhmischen Kreises realisiert.

Podpořeno z Evropského fondu pro regionální rozvoj - "Směr budoucnost - cíl prosperita"