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The Rosenbergs: A Czech Aristocratic Dynasty and Its Journey through History

20.5. - 20.8. 2011

Výstava Rožmberkové

the Waldstein Riding Hall, Prague 

On 6 November 1611, Peter Wok - the last male descendent of the famous dynasty of the Rosenbergs - died at the castle of Třeboň and in 2011 we will commemorate the 400th anniversary of this event which significantly influenced the course of Czech history. The exhibition The Rosenbergs: A Czech Aristocratic Dynasty and Its Journey through History presents important moments in the history of this dynasty and for the first time ever a representative collection of approximately 550 works of art and historical documents commemorating the Rosenberg cultural heritage will be gathered in one place. The exhibits have been borrowed from almost 70 partners, state institutions, churches and private collectors.

From the mid-13th century, the Rosenbergs held the most important positions in the courts of the Czech kings almost in every generation and they significantly affected domestic political and international events. The seat of the dynasty was initially the Rosenberg Castle in South Bohemia and Český Krumlov then became the residence of the Rosenbergs in 1302. The Rosenbergs gradually conquered a substantial part of the territory of South Bohemia. On their estate they built towns and representation residencies, initiated the constructions of excellent religious and secular buildings and institutions and took care of the flourishing of the economy. The magnificent palace of the last Rosenbergs at the Prague Castle was the first Renaissance building of its type in Bohemia. The Rosenberg cultural heritage as a whole represents an important and essential part of the identity and historical memories of the Czech lands.

At the exhibition the visitors can see major works of art, daily used objects, coins, books, musical instruments, weapons, scientific tools, written archival documents, archaeological monuments and a number of other artefacts related to the Rosenbergs and their times. The exhibition will take visitors to the time period ranging from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Era. 

The exhibition will feature e.g. paintings by the Master of the Třeboň Altarpiece; Division of Roses at the Telč Chateau - restored and scientifically surprisingly newly interpreted paintings with a mythic theme; a previously never exhibited illuminated manuscript of the hymn Rosa Rosensis by Jakub Canter from the end of the 15th century; previously entirely unknown Renaissance portraits of Peter Wok von Rosenberg with an image of the legendary Order of the Skull. On display, there will be also letters of the famous Perchta von Rosenberg (White Lady) or the popular drinking fine register of Peter Wok von Rosenberg.

Opening hours
Daily (including Mondays) 10am - 8pm.

CZK 150 
Reduced (disabled persons, students under 26 and seniors over 65):                     
CZK 80
Family admission (i.e. two adults + up to 4 children under 18):                     
CZK 350
Children under 6 years of age:                                                                
free admission
Tickets can be bought at the Waldstein Riding Hall ticket office.