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Five-Pettaled Rose Celebrations 2019

Magical Český Krumlov will greet historical fencers, jugglers and artists who will dominate the town for three days. During the solstice weekend on 21 - 23 June 2019, the visitors will get back to the summer of 1589 when the Last Rosenbergs in dispute meet their sister Eva in Krumlov. The 33rd year of the celebration will pay tribute to all females of the Rosenberg family.

Visual attractiveness of the medieval town will be enhanced by the 13th century castle tower decorated with four elements on huge canvases placed all cardinal directions. The figures, depicted by local artists, were part of the original decoration of the tower.

Theatrical and musical ensembles as well as dancers and fencers of the Gothic and the Renaissance era will perform their art in ten scenes of the historical town centre including the Brewery Garden and the Monastery Garden. The visitors will also get the idea of historical amusement thanks to conjurers, jugglers and fakirs. The highlights of the celebration that cannot be missed will be five historical processions representing the nobility as well as common people the Gothic and the Renaissance era.

Medieval markets with historical craftsmen and chefs will attract gourmets with original specialties and feasts. Adventure lovers may enjoy the dressage performance with horses or flatboat cruise. The Vltava River offers the view of the decorated flatboats manned by the ancient deities, too. Eva of Rosenberg will present a gift - the gondola - to her brother Petr Vok of Rosenberg; on top of that, she will organize a joyous ride on the river for both brothers. The traditional firework will sprout over the southern Castle terraces and the high part above the Castle accompanied with music.

Step back in time with us and enjoy the celebration in the capital of the Rosenberg dominion!