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New Season in Český Krumlov Is Full of Cultural Treats

The new season in Český Krumlov is packed with music, theatre and other cultural events. A number of prestigious events will be linked to the Year of the Czech Music since a number anniversaries of important Czech composers and musicians falls into the ear 2014. Český Krumlov also keeps adding to the list of newly reconstructed buildings so that tourists have always something new to return to. This year a new jewel will open to the public for the first time: the residence of Egon Schiele.

Atelier Schiele This little garden house next to River Vltava perched by a rock became painter Egon Schiele's residence for a few months in 1911. It offers a very romantic and inspirational environment set to address art lovers in particular. Its meticulous reconstruction was managed by Českokrumlovský rozvojový fond spol. s r. o., a company wholly owned by the municipality which acquired this building in a derelict state. It has been restored to the tune of about 7 million CZK and rented to Egon Schiele Art Centre. They will be responsible for the return of the muses into the house. Now the house becomes artists´ studio and this season it opens to the public for the first time. Visitors will enter a pied a terre equipped with Schiele's furniture replicas where they can relax, drink coffee and leaf through catalogues and books. In the floor above they can visit the attic studio with an exhibition of pieces created by artists in winter residence. Visitors can also enter previously inaccessible terraces and immerse into the mysterious local atmosphere. There is an impressive genius loci present about the place: the large terrace gardens around the house, grown trees and a river nearby amplify the presence of natural elements. Enjoy this space in the knowledge that it was loved by one of the best artists of the 20th century.

Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov Music continues to feature prominently in the cultural offering of Český Krumlov season. Organizers of the longest Czech music festival - International Music Festival Český Krumlov 2014 will also pay homage to the Year of Czech Music. The 23rd annual Festival will focus on music from the romantic period and the 20th century but it will also include period interpretation of old music. There will be events titled Homage to Bedřich Smetana, Homage to Antonín Dvořák and Homage to Czech Music. Apart from classical music the Festival will also feature some other music genres and some even with a Czech theme: Czech National Evening or Evening of Czech Musicals.

The summer music menu commences in June with the traditional Chamber Music Festival. Its most sought after feature is the tour of Český Krumlov Castle chambers accompanied by live music of period instruments. A close interpretation of a Chateau fete of 18th century called Baroque Night will again be the jewel on the Festival crown. September will see the culmination of jazz and alternative music concert series Jazzky Krumlov introducing top Czech and international musicians in unusual locations. The popular Baroque Arts Festival will present pieces by baroque period artists in authentic historical locations and this year it will feature a true gem: a modern era premiere of baroque opera L´Impermestra by Johann Adolf Hass performed in the unique Baroque Theatre at the Castle including fireworks and festive baroque illumination. The Krumlov Autumn Recitals in November will present a series of chamber concerts with top musicians from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Otáčivé hlediště - Sluha dvou pánů The popular Revolving Auditorium will again become a popular tourist destination. The Revolving Auditorium attracts over 50 000 viewers during the summer season and presents several different pieces. This attractive location is managed by the South Bohemian Theatre from České Budějovice and during the season it will show a total of 85 performances by its four artistic ensembles (drama, opera, ballet and Little Theatre ensemble - marionette play). During the period between June and September viewers can attend three different drama performances (The Three Musketeers, Dekameron and Servant of Two Masters), an opera (Rusalka), a musical (Finian's Rainbow), a ballet performance (Carmen) and two family fairytale pieces (Journey Around the World and Phoenix Bird and Zorro the Fox).

The unique magic of Český Krumlov - a town listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List is of course created by its monuments. They provide the stage for most of the cultural performances and other prestigious events such as the Five-petalled Rose Celebrations, Chamber Music Festival, International Music Festival Český Krumlov or Baroque Arts Festival. Apart from these events the town has many permanent attractions such as the exceptional Castle Museum with a year-round opening schedule. It is filled with countless artifacts but arranged in a modern way to capture everyone's attention. Visitors will learn about the life of the dominion steward and see some previously not displayed pieces - e. g. the gothic faceted glass, coin making machines of the Eggenbergs or the spiritual art treasury and its glass reliquary with St. Reparatus remains. In winter time you can visit the Rožmberk Castle in the region which has a special heated winter tour through the Castle. On it you can see the private chambers of the Buqoy nobility from mid 19th century.