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Five-petalled Rose festival to celebrate 700 years of Český Krumlov town

The Five-petalled Rose celebrations in June will bring Český Krumlov's memories back to the first written record of its existence, in 1309. Between the 19th and the 21st June, the town centre will come alive with history and offer its visitors mediaeval entertainment, period markets, and specialist gourmet mediaeval menus. Our present 23rd anniversary year celebrations look back to the first such festival in1909, attended by prince Schwarzenberg. So the present celebration of the town's 700 years isn't dedicated to the last Rosenbergs and the renaissance period, as is usual in all the other years, but will focus on presenting all the town's historic periods, from middle-ages to rococo. The Five Petalled Rose festival details can be found on

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The festival's content is based on a long-term schedule, when once in ten years, always in a year ending in number nine, all the periods in Český Krumlov's history are thematically related to the town. "This wider reach is also reflected in the accompanying programme, which includes themes from mediaeval times to the rococo period. The festival's main historic attractions include a parade through town in historic costumes, knights' joust, the Academy of historic fight-crafts, a Live Chess performance, Fire Night, Schola historica, and a period market", says the Municipal theatre director, Jan Vozábal, who is in charge of the festival preparations.

Historical costume procession through town will present important past personalities of local aristocratic families, and interesting historic vignettes  from the oldest Vitkovec family to the later Schwarzenbergs. Particular regard is paid to the town's past events, such as The dividing of Roses. The parade will also present several original shields with coats-of-arms, made by the festival's founder,  Anton Zwiefelhofer. The parade will feature around 600 costumed participants. „You might see knights on horses, swordsmen and soldiers, drummers, flag-bearers, musicians, jugglers and clowns, and representatives of craftsmens' guilds", adds Vozábal. A noteworthy addition is a unique group of personages from the Maquerade Hall, whose 15 costumes are exact copies of those on the Maquerade Hall frescoes at the State castle and Chateau in Český Krumlov.

Knights' joust will, for the first time this year, have a mediaeval flavour, in full armour. It's theme is the legend of  'The dividing of the roses'. The joust has so far been always presented in its renaissance garb.

The Live Chess performance, on a chessboard of 12x12 metres, will present another important point in the town's history - the joining of its two parts: Latran and Nove Mesto, in 1555, by Vilem of Rosenberg.

The celebrations wouldn't be complete without their Fire night, which shall again illuminate the 1st Castle courtyard. New lanterns of all shapes and sizes will adorn the festivities.

The period market shall this year return to its original site at the 1st courtyard of the State Castle and Chateau  Český Krumlov. Gastronomic specialities can be imbibed at the Town Square.

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The town shall hold various important events related to its anniversary, even in the week before the Five Petalled Rose celebrations. Re-consecration of the Plague column at the Town Square, Saint Vitus church will hold a special Mass in honour of St Vitus' name-day. A new sculpture by local artists, 'Belfry for Europe', shall be installed at the Seminary garden. Local residents can enjoy free tours of the town, provided by the Český Krumlov guide's guild. The Town Prize for 2008 shall be awarded on the eve of the festival.

Entry to the Five Petalled Rose celebration is free on Friday 19th June and Sunday 21st June. Visitors in costume, holders of ZTP/P and ZTP cards and children up to 10 years come free at all times, on Saturday the entry fees for others are 200 crowns for adults, 100 crowns for students (with ISIC or ITIC cards) and 50 crowns for children up to 15 years. Reduced tickets for adults can be obtained in advance, for 150 crowns.. Advance sales are at the Municipal theatre Český Krumlov, Infocentrum Český Krumlov and Unios Tourist Service.

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