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Rosenberg Year 2011

Let us remember this famous dynasty during the upcoming Rosenberg Year. Petr Vok, the last male heir of the Rosenberg dynasty, died on 6 November 1611. His death ended the Rosenberg reign over Southern Bohemia lasting for nearly four hundred years and the year 2011 marks the four hundredth anniversary of this important event.

Petr Vok z Rožmberka, portrét v životní velikosti, Charles Louis Philippot, 19. století Rosenberg Year in Český Krumlov
11 January 2011 - opening of the Castle museum
23 February 2011 - opening of 2nd part of the exhibition The Story of Český Krumlov
11 June 2011 - opening of the exhibition The Rosenbergs
17 - 19 June 2011 - Five-petalled Rose Celebrations
16 September - Renaissance Night 

The Castle Museum - a unique museum located within the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov will be open to visitors from 11 January 2011 and will present the history of the Český Krumlov Castle and the local noble dynasties. The exhibition is made up of vast collections which until now were hidden in depositories - porcelain, armaments, Schwarzenberg guard collection, and mint collection. You will also be able to visit an office furnished in period style, a flat of the Schwarzenberg dominion management or the so-called Treasury - a room with ecclesiastical artifacts which will certainly capture your attention. You can also attend the screening of Schwarzenberg films on period cinematograph and you can also admire a model of the castle depicting its shape in mid 16th century. Unlike the regular Castle viewing routes, the Castle Museum will be open to visitors all year long.

The Regional Museum in Český Krumlov will take you on a trip through the town history. The largest exhibition by both size and content of this museum named The Story of Český Krumlov will recall both joyous and dark events in the town history. You will visit the Rosenberg period among others, as well as times not long past. You will be able to visit the exhibition between 23 September 2010 and 31 December 2011.

Slavnosti pětilisté růže, 20. - 22. června 2008, foto: © 2008 Lubor Mrázek

Starting from June you can admire intricate replicas of impressive costumes of the last Rosenbergs, recreated according to historic painting. Exhibition "The Rosenbergs" opens in the Regional Museum. You will be able to see not only the Renaissance costumes but also learn about their production and usage in past times and in the present. The exhibition is open until the end of 2011.

The Rosenberg Lords, famous dominion holders from the past, have returned! You will be transported to times long past during the Five-petalled Rose Celebrations (17 - 19 June 2011). The Renaissance spirit will be awakened and kept alive during the full three days by knightly tournaments, historical craft fairs, medieval music, street theatres and fencing matches. An impressive costumed procession in Renaissance style will be the highlight of the Celebrations.

Would you like to experience life during the Rosenberg reign? Come to visit a unique event - a "Renaissance Night". On 16 September the Castle will come alive with the courtly culture of the Rosenberg residences. You may listen to Renaissance music, learn period dances, taste some historic delicacies and indulge in various types of Renaissance entertainment.

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