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An Exhibition - The Story of Český Krumlov - 2nd part

The first part of the exhibition in the Regional Museum called The Story of Český Krumlov documenting the town history from the earliest period until 1945 has been open to visitors since 23 September last year. A story written and lived by the inhabitants of Český Krumlov is told through documents, photographs, paintings and objects of daily use.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the most recent period from 1945 and is due to open on 23 February. This portrait of the town history in the 20th century will be present dramatic events from the end of World War II., displacement of the German population or the socialist era in the proximity of the Iron Curtain. The exhibition will also demonstrate the significant change of the face  Český Krumlov since the political turnover in 1989 and since the placement in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List until today.

During the month of February we offer you the unique opportunity to visit the exhibition The Story of Český Krumlov free of charge. There is free entry to the museum during the following days: 23, 26 and 27 February.


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