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A Town of Many Faces

The architectural beauty and atmosphere of this town will literally pull you into the times past. In this town, you will stumble upon splendid Renaissance facades and picturesque corners on every step. You will simply be charmed by the view of the majestic Castle tower, proudly standing above the large Castle complex.

Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau is a first-class attraction for history lovers but also for people who simply want to enjoy the tales of the experienced guides and peek into its many rooms, both splendid and gloomy and learn their stories. The uniqueness of this castle and chateau is further sealed by the well-preserved baroque theatre where you can admire the art and skill of past masters, including sceneries, decoration, stage equipment and also costumes.

You will also come across the works of contemporary artists within the Castle complex. On the 4th Castle courtyard you can visit the International Art Gallery and on the 2nd courtyard the Czech Culture Gallery. Český Krumlov, a town of immeasurable charm and power, has also impressed the controversial painter Egon Schiele. This year marks the 120th anniversary of the artist's birth and to commemorate the occasion, the Egon Schiele Art Center has prepared a unique exhibition. You will be able to view Schiele's paintings from various collections around the world, even works that were never publicly displayed before. Our town had also been a source of endless inspiration for two local photographers, Josef and Frantisek Seidel. You can find their 19th-century photographs depicting the town and its surroundings in the Museum Photo Studio Seidel. In the Museum you can also come across a number of period photo cameras, a dark room from that period or a flat with its original furnishings. 

Galerie české kultury      Egon Schiele      Museum Fotoateliér Seidel

There is more to experience in Český Krumlov however: you can take a mine train to the underground of the graphite mine, discover the secret of brewing Czech beer in the Eggenberg beer brewery and both adults and children alike will happily visit the puppeteer's house in the Fairytale house or in the Marionette Museum or indeed several other museums in the town. The Regional Museum will commemorate with a special exhibition last year's celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the town. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to view the original roll of Jindřich I. of Rosenbeg where Český Krumlov is referred to as a town for the first time as well as many other written documents, chronicles and maps.

The town is living a colorful life throughout the year - the nobles celebrate its palatial town, the town and Castle are both filled by music of various genres and ancient stories are being played out on the stage of the Baroque theatre and in front of the revolving auditorium.

Grafitový důl    Slavnosti pětilisté růže    Koloběžky

The active side of Český Krumlov is also worth knowing. Do not hesitate and start exploring the beauty of the nature around the town on foot, by bike or on a scooter. You can make the mountain of Kleť your destination, the highest peak of the Blanský les protected nature preserve and enjoy a splendid view of the countryside. The river of Vltava, twisting its way through the town is an ideal spot for some water fun. You can sail the river on a canoe or on a flatboat and let yourself be gently carried by the stream. You can also enjoy a romantic horseback ride or an adventure-filled quad drive. Alternatively, you can spend the day on the golf green or on a tennis court. An inclement weather is no deterrent to a sports-filled day. You can visit the covered swimming stadium, a fitness center or play a game of bowling or skittles.

Perhaps all visitors, no matter what their interests or age, can find something interesting for themselves in this magical town and its surroundings. Český Krumlov is a town of many faces and experiences... Come and get to know them all!