International Music Festival Český Krumlov 2019 - 28th year

The 28th year of the International Music Festival Český Krumlov will offer again a varied show of musical genres. From July 19th to August 10th the festival will offer a total of 23 music concerts at which will sound the selection of the best of contemporary Czech and foreign music production. The concerts will take place in the unique coulisses of Český Krumlov: the Brewery Garden, Castle Garden, Castle Riding Hall, Masquerade Hall, Baroque Theatre, and Church of the Body of Christ and of the Virgin Mary of Our Sorrows. However, this time the festival will bring its visitors into a completely new environment such as the Church of St. Nicolas in the military space in Boletice.

The 28th year of the festival will start with a spectacular performance called " Venus and the elements: Music and dance from the era of the Sun King ", accompanied by music of Jean-Baptiste Lully and his contemporaries. The opening gala evening will take place at the Baroque fountain of the Castle Garden and outline the period of the French monarch Louis XIV, who loved music and dance, staged a number of musical-dance performances and also performed in them himself. The illuminated Castle Garden is a perfect place for the celebration of the genius loci of the Český Krumlov Castle and at the same time for the following reminiscence of Baroque feasts.

The invitation has been also taken by the world-renowned ensemble Take 6. Classical music personalities which will make an appearance at the 28th year of the festival include for example violinist Ivan Ženatý, Baborák Ensemble led by horn player Radek Baborák, violinist Bohuslav Matoušek and his guests - charming Hiroko Takahashi from Japan and Patrik Sedlář performing together with Ensemble 18+. Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet with actor Jan Čenský will introduce the Evening of French poetry and music. Soprano vocalists Kristýna Kůstková and Nikola Uramová will be accompanied by Barocco sempre giovane. Mezzosoprano Edita Randová will also take part in the festival. Among foreign ensembles you can look forward to the Spanish piano trio Bacarisse, Austrian ensemble Allegro Vivo Chamber Orchestra under the leadership of the artistic director Vahid Khadem-Missagh, who will also perform as a violinist. Violin soloists Sanghee Cheong and cellist Stefan Kropfitsch will play with the outstanding German orchestra Thüringen Philharmonie coducted by Yuki Miyagi.

After five years the festival returns to the Baroque Theater. A suggestive Baroque composition from 1734 - Terpsichore of G. F. Händel, will be presented in an authentic interpretation of the ensemble Musica Florea with the soloists and dance component Hartig Ensemble.

In the new festival environment of Church of St. Nicholas in the Military District of Boletice will be played a concert of ensemble Schola Benedicta. In the same place, but in the area in front of the church, Petr Samšuk will devote his concert to Karel Kryl.

A unique connection will offer a musical project called "Broadway meets Broadway", which will be an interesting confrontation of Czech and American musical singers. On one stage, musical stars from American Broadway and Prague Broadway Theatre will perform next to each other.

This year you will have an opportunity to visit one of the crossover projects - "Michael Jackson Symphony". Michael Jackson's immortal songs will sound in the arrangements of Martin Kumžák, whose Moondance Orchestra will appear together with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra.

Pianist Marek Novotný will join forces with the fantastic string Epoque Quartet and other musicians. With her guests and the string octet Brno Strings will sing Lenka Filipová.

The Naghash Ensemble and the string section of the South Czech Philharmonic will present a program called „Songs of Exile".

The closing gala festival evening by soloists Adriana Kučerová, Štěpánka Pučálková, Richard Troxell and Boris Prýgl will belong to the best of the Czech and world repertoire of opera.

Experience the combination of beautiful melodies with the magical atmosphere of Český Krumlov during the 28th year of the IMF Český Krumlov 2019!

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