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Carnival in Český Krumlov 2018

A carnival festival will descend upon Český Krumlov between Saturday 10 and Tuesday 13 February. For the entire four days inhabitants and visitors can enjoy a wonderful spectacle of the coloured masque procession, travelling jugglers and musicians, good food and drinks but also traditional carnival entertainment.

The Krumlov carnival starts on Saturday, February 10 at 10:00 am at the Český Krumlov Monasteries. Here you can the whole day long not only taste traditional salty and sweet carnival delicacies, listen to traditional folk music, but also let loose your own imagination and creativity. The thing is that this year, you and your children can participate in the traditional masquerade parade too! So be prepared for the procession and come to make a variety of masquerade masks inspired by "theater" topic. Traditional carnival parade, of course, includes music, rumors and rhythm, so you can also enjoy a production of various rhythmic instruments. 

If you are fans of folk entertainment, you should not miss the traditional carnival feast in the Brewery Restaurant Eggenberg on Saturday. You can look forward to pig-sticking delicacies. You will also be able to buy delicacies from the pig feast and take it home with you. Music by the favourite local band „Nakřáplý šišky" will enhance the entire atmosphere. 

The traditional procession of pupils will lighten the town up on Tuesday 13 February at 4 pm. The procession starts from ZUŠ in Kostelní Street. Procession of pupils of the Artistic Elementary School (AES) in Český Krumlov, students of Secondary School of Arts and Industry of St. Agnes of Bohemia, along with citizens, artists and musicians of Český Krumlov will entertain the viewers with a short performance and caroling during each stop. The pupils of the art school of ZUŠ prepared 40 new masks on the topic "Theater without a Curtain". The masks are inspired by the dell'arte comedy, the traditional Japanese theater Noh and Chinese opera. Students of the Secondary School of St. Agnes of Bohemia prepared "theater hats". There will be many masks from previous years to admire. In the area of SUPŠ St. Agnes of Bohemia in the monastery courtyard on Tramín, participants of the parade will play a performance of the National Theater. 

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