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Carnival Will Take Over Český Krumlov 

In the beginning of March the town will brighten up with a carnival feast, a whirl of masques and a carnival procession. You will be able to enjoy this festival for several days. On Saturday 5 March you can visit the Brewery Gardens for a pig-sticking banquet, traditional pastries, music and entertainment for the children. This carnival festival is organized by the Český Krumlov Tourist Trade Association.

Your children can experience a genuine whirl of masques on Monday 7 March in the House for Children and Youth. In the morning children can make their own masque and use it during the fancy-dress party in the afternoon. They can expect dancing, singing, games and contests along with plenty of information about carnival customs.

A two-hour multi-coloured carnival procession will take to the street on Tuesday 8 March at 4 pm. Egypt is the main theme of this year's procession. Procession participants will entertain you during each stop with a short programme. Apart from Egyptian masques you can also look forward to the popular admired costumes and sketches from past years such as the Venetian, African or Bohemian groups of masques.

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