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The 15th year of the Krumlov Boating Marathon is here 

The largest river marathon in the Czech Republic - the Krumlov Boating Marathon - will celebrate its fifteenth birthday in 2017. This year it will take place on October 13 and 14. The 36 km long track from Vyšší Brod to Český Krumlov is waiting for the racers, as well as a completely new category megaboard with a start in Rožmberk nad Vltavou.

River Marathon of Český Krumlov In view of the growing interest in paddleboards (SUP vessels), the organizers decided to open a new category - megaboard this year. This is a large SUP for 6 to 8 people. Megaboard racers will take off from Rožmberk nad Vltavou for a track which is 26 km long.

In addition to volunteers, enthusiasts and friends, also the racers from the home clubs of SK Vltava Český Krumlov and Hanace Rafters České Budějovice take part in organization. You will see at the start, for example, Karolína Paloudová - a bronze medalist from the junior world championship in the wild water race and a double world champion from the team races, then Vojtěch Skořepa - a junior world champion in the wild water racing, or Martin Novák and Antonín Haleš - representatives in the wild water racing and medalists from this year's European rafting championship, who brought two medals from Georgia this year.

On Friday, October 13, the competitors will be waiting for very attractive sprints in the centre of Český Krumlov. The marathon itself will start on Saturday 14th October in Vyšší Brod. The start in Vyšší Brod will bring one change this year - the starting line for boats in category K2 will be moved a few tens of meters downstream so that the fastest boats can enjoy the comfort of a comfortable start. Everything will, of course, be reflected at the first weir where the K2 ships arrive with a sufficient time span.

Like every year, the safety of racers at all weirs will be managed by rescuers and firefighters , who gained a lot of experience with all these years. During the marathon the competitors will be passing one mandatory run over at the Camp „Na Pískárně", where they can refresh themselves and eventually relax.

For the racers on rafts, rowing boats, paddleboards and other vessels is waiting a shortened route from Rožmberk nad Vltavou. The marathon does not forget our youngest visitors, for whom the organizers have prepared a race starting at the Camp „Na Pískárně". Their marathon track is 11 kilometers long. All contestants will be finishing in Český Krumlov, in the garden of the Historical Brewery Český Krumlov.

Basic program:
Friday October 13, 2017 - SPRINT in the centre of Český Krumlov
Saturday October 14, 2017 - MARATHON - mass start at 11:00 am
36 km from Vyšší Brod - kayaks, canoeing
26 km from Rožmberk - rafts, dragon boats, SUP
11 km from the Pískárna - pupil marathon
Finish in the centre of Český Krumlov with a party in the restaurant of the historical brewery. Accompanying program in the brewery garden.

Program of the River Marathon of Český Krumlov 2017

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