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Náměstí 79
38279 Frymburk
Contact: Oto Řezáč

Telephone: +420 380 735 114
Fax: +420 380 735 143


Location: Region of Český Krumlov

Municipal office

Frymburk - municipal office

Basic information

Geographical area : 5407 ha

Altitude : 730 m above sea level



Town History

Historical photo J. Seidel Frymburk 1928

Origin of the Name :
1270 - Friberch
1277 - Fridberch
1305 - Fridburch
1310 - Phrimurch
1379 - Frymburg
1575 - Fridberg
1598 - Friberg
1841 - Friedberg

The first written mention about Frymburk is from 1277. Originally belonged to Lords of Krumlov and after 1302 to Rosenbergs. It is town from 1379. The town was originally a market village from the late 13th century on the trade route from upper Austria to Bohemia. The Rosenbergs established a toll-road at the bridge across the Vltava River which was already mentioned in 1305. Declared a town in 1379. In 1492 Peter Wok von Rosenberg granted the town certain rights which freed the citizentry from serfdom. Right to brew beer granted by Wilhelm von Rosenberg Emperor Franz II confirmed Frymburk's privilege which had been granted by Emperor Josef II on 28 April 1789, allowing the town a weekly Tuesday market as well as a Christmas market (Jarmark) on St. Ann's day. Part of the town was flooded during the construction of Lake Lipno.

Local Historical structures

Little Castle "Vítkův Hrádek Church of st. Tomáš

Church of St. Bartholemew founded before 1277, reconstructed in late gothic style around 1530, and again from 1649-52 and in 1735. The tower was raised or newly built in neogothic style in 1870.

Building of the old school

On the little park on the town square is a preserved pillory with a bell from 1651.

Marian column from 1635.

Stone fountain from 1676.

Granite water canal.

Stone mound with bronze relief of Adalbert Stifter.

Little Castle "Vítkův Hrádek" - founded in 13th century



Frymburk is a picturesque recreational town which stretches over onto a peninsula at Lake Lipno. A boat carries passengers to the other shore to the Šumava Nature Reserve.