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Stables made accesible by the Castle and Chateau

The castle in Český Krumlov offers another big attraction to its tourists. In early July 2015, the fifth courtyard opened an exclusive exhibition of Princely Stables. The public will see for the first time a part of unique collection of harnesses and historical means of transport in the Schwarzenberg preserved collections.

The most attractive artifact is a fully harnessed Schwarzenberg coach used for the coronation of Empress Maria Theresa in Prague, drawn by ceremonially dressed six horses. Harnesses, including a very ornate velvet embroidered blankets, for the roans survived. Another attraction is a festive sleigh pulled by a horse with luxury harness. Exhibited are also preserved caparisons, halters, bridles, Baroque saddles and other parts of riding equipment. Rare and sensitive textile, leather and metal articles were continuously studied, assembled, preserved and restored. The result is an exclusive and captivating exhibition, which represents the sixth guided tour of the castle.

Princely stables were constructed between 1750 - 1752 on the ground floor of so called. Renaissance House, by the Schwarzenberg court builder Frantisek Jakub Fortini near the Chateau Riding Hall. Its premises, with a barrel vault, used to house half-breds, which the nobility used for riding around the surrounding area. 22 niches with carved stone gutters and lavishly profiled water tank positioned by the middle window have been preserved .

Stables are open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Full admission is 60, - CZK, discount admission for children, students, seniors and handicapped individuals is 30, - CZK.

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