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Festive Opening of the Castle Museum

The National Heritage Institute opens a new Castle Museum in Český Krumlov. This exceptional project is remarkable by the year-round operation and the historical character of the museum exhibition. The new museum will present artifacts from Castle depositories recalling some of the notable events linked to the former owners of the Krumlov dominion, the Rosenbergs, Eggenbergs and the Schwarzenbergs. The Castle Museum first opens to public on 11 January 2011.

Hradní muzeum The Castle Museum located within the Český Krumlov Castle and Chateau complex enhances the touristic offer in Český Krumlov. Mr. Petr Pavelec, Director of National Heritage Institute in České Budějovice stated: "Unlike most castles and chateaus, this museum will stay open all year round and so join the tanks of the Southern Bohemian Castles of Rožmberk and Hluboká Castle which both already have winter viewing routes. He has also added that the varied nature of the museum artifacts makes this project exceptional. This is the first opportunity for the public to see some precious artifacts previously hidden in Castle depositories. "Ninety five percent of all items on display come from the Český Krumlov Castle depositories, the remaining artifacts are on loan from other locations under the National Heritage Institute management", added Mr. Petr Pavelec.

Mr. Pavel Slavko, castellan of the Český Krumlov Caste and Chateau has described the historical nature of the museum exhibition: "The Castle Museum is inspired by the golden era of the European museum installations in the 19th century. These were typical by exceptional artisanal quality and varied nature of the exhibition". The Castle Museum is located in the previously unused building of the so-called Little Castle located on the second Castle courtyard. "This is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings of the Český Krumlov Chateau complex", added the castellan.

The Castle Museum opening is part of a project named "Rosenberg Year 2011", remembering the important House of Rosenberg and their cultural heritage in Southern Bohemia and elsewhere.

This project has been supported by financial grants from the European Economic Area and Norway. The total reconstruction budget has been set at 40 million Czech crowns. A tile stove was restored during the reconstruction as well as lights and original paint in the rooms. A new restroom facility, new plumbing and fire hydrants were added on the ground floor. Mr. Josef Masaryk, Director of the Facility Department of the National Heritage Institute in České Budějovice has added to the list of items restored: "We have produced some copies of the original lights and display cabinets inspired by historical exemplars". A large portion of the items on display went through a painstaking restoration as well.

Hradní muzeum - Sál pánů z Růže


Hradní muzeum - Sál krumlovských vévodů


Hradní muzeum - Jídelna

The Castle Museum will open on 11 January 2011. Entry fee for the Castle Museum including the Tower is set at 130 Czech crowns and reduced fee is 80 Czech crowns. Families can buy a family entry fee for 300 Czech crowns. The museum can be viewed individually without a guide. Each room will contain a short description of all items on display. Visitors can also borrow an audioguide, allowing them to listen to a narrative describing various locations within the museum. A detailed description of the artifacts can be found in a Castle Museum catalogue, also on sale. The Museum will be open all year round from Tuesday till Sunday.

A café, an educational room, museum shop and visitors center are located on the ground floor. Here visitors can view a model of the Český Krumlov Castle as it looked in mid 16th century, authored by Jiří Krampera. The model is based on a 3-D model of the Castle built according to archeological and historical surveys in the Castle complex. Zlata Gersdorfová is the author of the technical solution of the electronic 3-D model. Petr Pavelec uncovers another attraction of the museum: "Last but not least the visitors will be charmed by some unusual views over the town of Český Krumlov".

The exhibition itself is located on the first floor of the building. First two rooms present the history of the Krumlov castle and the noble houses of Rosenberg, Eggenberg and the Schwarzenberg residing in Český Krumlov over the centuries. A number of valuable artifacts from the Castle depositories will be on display, such as the Schwarzenberg guard collection, mint and armoury collections. Visitors can also admire a richly decorated Persian armour. It is a mystery how the armor made it into the Castle collections.

Other rooms will house the installations of the flat of the director of the Schwarzenberg dominion and his office. Both were indeed located here in the beginning of the 19th century. The layout of the rooms but also for example the colour of the wall paints has been preserved. The Castle Museum also displays ecclesiastical artifacts from the Český Krumlov Castle depository, such as richly decorated cabinet reliquaries and church liturgy items. Petr Slavko has revealed: "An exceptional artifact is the St. Reparat reliquary which contains the Saint's remains from the Roman catacombs".

A cinema is located in another part of the museum which will show some little-known Schwarzenberg films from the beginning of 20th century shot in Český Krumlov and in the Červený Dvůr Castle nearby. Period photographs will also be on display.

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