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Don Giovanni - opera performace at the Revolving Theatre

After the successful production of the opera Don Giovanni before the revolving audience in the last year, this „opera of operas" reappears in the program offer.

In the attractive title under the excellent direction of Jiří Menzel, the soloists of the leading Czech opera scenes S. Sem, Alexandr Beň, J. Šokalo, S. Procházková, J. Kačírková etc. will perform. Also foreign soloists appear in this performance: the charismatic E. Jordan as Leporello and the smiling F. Portari as Don Ottavo come back to sing before the revolving audience. The performances will be played from August 18th - 21st, all of them under the baton of the chief-conductor of the opera of the South-Bohemian Theatre Martin Peschík.

The entrance tickets for the performance of Don Giovanni may be bought in Infocentre in Český Krumlov, in the cash desk of the South Bohemian Theatre, Revolving Audience, on-line HERE or in other advance booking offices.

Otáčivé hlediště - Don Giovanni       Otáčivé hlediště - Don Giovanni

„I visited four times various performances in Krumlov and I was gripped each time, the performance was incomparably beautiful; as well as the opera stars I was enchanted by the revolving platform, it captivated me as well as my husband. The last performance of Don Giovanni was a real highlight after all the performances we have seen on this scene. We thank to everybody having the merit in continuous operation of the revolving auditorium that can provide the people so nice cultural experience." / Antonie Fabiánková, 2010