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Enjoy your meal!

Solid stone walls, massive wooden tables and burning wood crackling in the fireplace, mugs of beer, cups full of wine, tasty Czech food and flickering candle lights ... We just popped around to one of the local cosy taverns to warm up a little bit. Come and see what is it like to sit down at the table and enjoy local food, drinks and charming cosy atmosphere of old taverns.

Český Krumlov´s restaurants and pubs serve mostly traditional Czech food. However, local chefs add a pinch of local South Bohemian cuisine knowledge to their recipes and one can enjoy specialties such as "Old Bohemian Feast", brew masters´ goulash, Waterman´s Pork Skewer or Pocket of Peter Wok. Traditional Czech meal can´t do without a bowl of South Bohemian soup - "kulajda", "oukrop" or garlic soup served in bread.
There is no good food without delightful drinks. And for Czech food, it is the Czech beer to go for. You can taste the golden brew produced in a local brewery Eggenberg or South Bohemian Budweiser "Budvar " and many others. Wine lovers can enjoy Moravian or Bohemian wines. Do not forget to taste Czech desserts. Grandmother's recipes cakes, pancakes or Old Bohemian slapjacks can be a sweet final delight to your feast in Český Krumlov.

Traditional Czech food and drinks go well with a unique atmosphere of the Old Town taverns. While dining in a medieval tavern, you may experience what the life of old time people used to be like. Having a pint in a local pub, you can admire pre-war advertising signs or impressive environment of the former cooler house in a local brewery or an old mill.

If you prefer international cuisine, you may decide between French cuisine, Italian pizza and pasta or Chinese specialties served in Český Krumlov restaurants.

Enjoy Český Krumlov !

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