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Open-air PHOTO festival first at Český Krumlov

Open-air PHOTO festival

Open-air FOTO festival
Museum Fotoateliér Seidel
The most photogenic festival of the year 

The Open - Air PHOTO festival will liven up the whole Český Krumlov. It has been designed for both general public and the experts.  It will introduce the most interesting from the world of photography. It will offer the latest trends and meeting with Czech and International experts.  The carefully formed programme  and quality background will enable you to experts the weekend full (not only) photographic experiences.

What the festival offers

  • Opportunity to reveal photographic tricks and secrets
  • Interactive exhibitions of photo equipments, news, and technologies
  • Entertaining programme for whole families
  • Possibility of creating own portfolio in two days
  • Workshops, seminars, contests, individual consultations
  • Glamour party

When the festival takes place

The festival takes place on the second weekend in June: 8.- 9.6.2013

Day programme:

Saturday from 10,00 A.M. to 7,00 P.M.

Sunday from 10,00 A.M. to 5,00 P.M.

Evening and nights photography: 

Saturday from 9,00 P.M.

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