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Royal Music Festival 2010

This traditional classical music festival will fill not only the Zlatá Koruna Monastery areas but also the St. Nicholas Church in Boletice. You can look forward to tones of a violin, a viola or an organ. 

The Royal Music Festival will commence with a concert performance by the violinist Bohuslav Matoušek. You certainly have something to look forward to: this violinist's repertoire includes music from early Baroque period to contemporary composers. The opening concert will also mark the commencement of the International Violin Courses, culminating in the closing concert on 26 August. The festival continues in Boletice where you can listen to the "Memento" concert performed by the South Bohemian Ensemble Sancta Corona. You can also look forward to an organ concert by Jaroslav Tůma which will resonate within the Monastery walls or to a piano recital by Lucie Valčová to honour the composers Schumann and Chopin. The festival will be concluded by a closing concert of a family chamber ensemble Verner Collegium.

For more information on the programme please view here.

Bohuslav Matoušek     Jaroslav Tůma     Verner Collegium