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Festival of Lights Shall Illuminate Český Krumlov in Early September

5 - 6 September 2014

In early September the Czech The Light Festival will make a penultimate stop in Český Krumlov. This Festival will visit five Bohemian and Moravian towns between April and October with light show installations and video mapping. This Festival is a direct successor to the hugely popular SIGNAL Festival which took place in Prague last year for the first time. This year the Festival schedule has been extended and the Festival travels to other towns. Krumlov is the only place in Southern Bohemia hosting this wandering Festival. Six different places downtown will be illuminated by a light show between 5 and 6 September - for example the Svornosti Square, riverbank in Hradevní Street, the Synagogue or the Municipal Park.

This event reaches Český Krumlov after making stops in Kutná Hora, Brno and Olomouc. It continues to Prague where the Festival culminates in October. The Festival aims to bring modern audio-visual art to historical town centres and offer visitors a unique cultural experience. On display in Krumlov will be the Light Bulb Cloud made of thousands of light bulbs - a cloud of light which can be played with by turning individual light bulbs on and off. Uranium Figure by the well-know designer Rony Plesl will be exhibited in the Synagogue. This is a light sculpture composed of 35 shining tubes made of green uranium glass. The House of Shadows by František Skála will be erected in the Municipal Park. During the day the sun creates colourful effects on the house while at night it changes into a shining crystal with a shadow theatre taking place on its walls. The little lane behind Egon Schiele Art Center will be illuminated by the Sun by Josef Šafařík and the town hall façade will form a backdrop to a video mapping show called ArchiBio by Andrej Boleslavský revealing the beauty of the world under the microscope.

Ahead of the 2-day Festival you can attend the painting with light event on 30 August where families with children can take unusual photographs. A workshop will accompany the Festival. For more details see