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Location: Český Krumlov
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The wide variety of activities associated with Český Krumlov also features major sports competitions, one of which certainly is the river marathon, with the largest number of contestants in the Czech Republic. Every year, the river marathon attracts hundreds of keen watermen, ranging from strict amateurs to top-class international athletes. The river marathon weekend offers an abundant accompanying programme for the general public and does not forget our youngest visitors, too.

12.10.2018 - 13.10.2018
11.10.2019 - 12.10.2019


Dates From - To
12.10.2018   (Fr) 17:00

Krumlov Boating marathon

► Place:
River Vltava – centre of Cesky Krumlov

► Start:
282,6 river kilometre – approximately 120 metres above the weir called “U Jelení lávky” (or “Pod zámkem” “Under castle”)

► Finish:
282,4 river kilometre – approximately 80 metres below the weir called “U Jelení lávky” (or “Pod zámkem”)

► Length:
200 metres, which are approximately 80 seconds

► Description:
K1 M – 32 boats • K1 W – 16 boats • C1 – 16 boats • SUP M – 24 boats • SUP W – 8 boats

As soon as the capacity of each category is full, no further registration will be possible. The division into quarterfinal groups will be drawn. The organizer will divide registered competitors according to the categories and will draw lots. Drawing of the lots will be done on Wednesday 10th October at 8 p.m. at SK Vltava Cesky Krumlov.


Dates From - To
13.10.2018   (Sa) 11:00

Krumlov Boating marathon

► Place:
River Vltava, Vyssi Brod, Rozmberk nad Vltavou, Cesky Krumlov

► Start:
mass start at 11 a.m.
● I. Vyšší Brod (from the campsite under the dam “Pod Hrází“ – 36 km) KAYAKS AND CANOES
- approx 11:00 – start of the 1st line: K2 M, K2 MIX, K2 W
- approx 11:05 – start of the 2nd line: K1 M, K1 MJUN, K1 MVET, K1 SEA, K1 W, K1 WJUN
- approx 11:05 – start of the 3rd line: C1 M, C1 MJUN, C2 M, C2 MVET, C2 TOUR, C2 MIX, C3 and C4

● II. Rožmberk nad Vltavou (26 km) SUP, PUNT, C5 – C9 and RAFT
- approx 11:10 – start of the 1st line from the water: P5 M, P5 W and C5 – C9
- approx 11:15 – start of the 2nd line from the river bank: SUP M, SUP W, SUP MVET, SUP MEGA, SUP MJUN
- approx 11:15 – start of the 3rd line from the river bank: R4 / R6, RAFT TOUR

Paddlers of R4, R6 and SUP are running and carrying boats and paddles to the river.

► Finish:
Cesky Krumlov at the brewery garden


Dates From - To
13.10.2018   (Sa) 13:00

Krumlov Boating marathon

► Start:
At campsite “Na Piskarne”
GPS: N48°45’7.16″ E14°19’13.8″
A mass start after passing (actually overrun) of first boats of KVM (International Cesky Krumlov River Marathon)
at 1 p.m.

► Finish:
Český Krumlov, below brewery Eggenberg (at the same place as KVM)

► Course info:
Vltava River, 6 weirs (taking the boat around weirs is allowed), 11 km

About Marathon


The first annual Krumlov Watermen Marathon took place already back in 2003. The organizers were inspired by a watermen marathon taking place in the French canyon of Ardéche, transforming this event to Southern Bohemia to the Vltava River. Every year, hundreds of enthusiastic watermen as well as top sportsmen gather to attend the Marathon. The Krumlov Marathon is the largest in the Czech Republic by the attendees' count and by the number of competition categories.




on Friday (12. 10.) from 2pm and on Saturday (13. 10.) the whole day will be the parking P2 (under the post office) closed for public.
Please use the other parking possibilities on P1 or P3.

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