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Cable railway Krasetín - Kleť

Lanová dráha Kleť, archiv OIS, 6457b

Holubov 242
38203 Křemže

Telephone: +420 380 715 308
Mobile phone: +420 732 413 058


Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Things to do

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Cable railway was brought to operating on July 1 1961. Construction lasted two years and part on it took Transporta Chrudim, Elektrozávody Praha and Vodní stavby Tábor.

First time ever in Czechoslovakia were used tube struts, new pulley batteries with rubber bandage holding. Lenght of cable railway is 1792 m, camber is 383 m, there are 100 firmly attached seats, transport capacity is 220 persons/hour and during its existence it has conveyed more than 3 000 000 passangers.

At the beginning of 80´ the largest reconstructions of cable railway were held - new wiring, new seats and exchange of pulley batteries and pulleys. Extensive maintaining comes twice a year (autumn, spring), when cable railway is not open to public.

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