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Town tours in Český Krumlov

Would you like to discover the beauty of our historic town with its romantic streets? Our qualified guides will show you the sights and monuments, bring you closer to the town’s history, and inform you of today’s developments.

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We offer both individual and group guided tours in different languages (Czech, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian and more).

Discover Český Krumlov at your leisure

See and learn about Krumlov at your own pace, in your own time. With our Audioguide, you will be guided to the most interesting sights, and helped to discover the town’s most beautiful and mysterious features.

Discover Český Krumlov, the many-faceted town, accompanied by a local guide

In the footsteps of our ancestors

Let yourselves be lost in the labyrinth of the narrow cobbled streets, be surprised by the hidden corners of the old town. Learn about the architectural jewels around you, but also be entertained by stories of peoples past, including the ghosts that have lived here for centuries.

Night-time meanderings

Hear some of the old legends, stories about alchemists, spooks, and ghosts, and marvel at the secrets of the Mediaeval town, while wandering Český Krumlov’s beautiful streets at night.

Brewers‘ delight

The one-hour tour features history and development of this 400 year old brewery. While beer-tasting, you will also learn about the daily life of the Krumlovians in the Middle Ages, why beer is and always was such a beloved beverage, and where in Krumlov most beer got drunk.

Over water, but without wetting your feet

See the historic centre from a different angle: while taking a ride down the river Vltava on a wooden raft. The authentic copy of a historic raft takes up to 12 passengers, with two intrepid crewmen.

The graphite mine

A visit to the mine is an ideal day out for the whole family.

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