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Disability Day - Day without Barriers 2009

The Kiwanis Club Český Krumlov has the honor of inviting for the sixth time the handicapped guests and their escorts to visit the historical town of Český Krumlov without barriers on 12 September from 10:00 till 16:00. As usual, there are special viewing tours available at the castle and the baroque theatre, town tours with a professional guide. Many museums and galleries have also opened their doors enabling the handicapped visitors and their escorts to view many interesting exhibitions. For the adventurous there is the river Vltava boat tour allowing you a fresh view of the town.

On the square you can also visit a marketplace of products made by the handicapped and view some interesting performances. Included in the program are performances by T.I.K. dance group, dance performances "When everything is upside down" and "Pudgy Girls", boys dance group "Break dance", girls dance group "Hip hop", Theatre of Jára Pokojský performing a play "Africa".

Den s handicapem - Den bez bariér     Den s handicapem - Den bez bariér     Den s handicapem - Den bez bariér

As part of the "Let's try it for a while" program, everyone can experience the world from a handicapped person's point of view and understand their daily tribulations better. arious means of transportation produced by the inventor Mr. Miroslav Vacek will also be on display.

And if you still will have energy left at the end of the day, you can join other jazz lovers and visit the concert as part of the Jazzky Krumlov International Festival in the courtyard of Hotýlek U Malého Vítka.

Let's just conclude with - we look forward to seeing you!


Kiwanis Club Český Krumlov