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Early Music Festival 5. - 16.7. 2009

Let yourselves get carried away by the unique sounds of period instruments, in historic surroundings.

The festival started on the 5th July, with a concert at the Sazava monastery. It featured mediaeval harp within a chamber performance of the oratorium "Mistr Jan Hus" compiled by Richard Pachman. Singers - Richard Pachman and Hana Blochová. The next festival concert, entitled „Pilgrims" (Poutníci na cestě), will také place on the 8th July at the Red Horse inn (U Červeného koně) in Tábor, featuring mediaeval songs performed by Tabor ensemble Dei Gratia. The following concert,  "Gloria", on the 10th July, consists of Czech mediaeval songs as well as contemporary sacred music by Richard Pachman, performed by the Kvinterna ensemble, and takes place in the delightful space of the monastery church of the Knights of the cross with a red star, at Český Krumlov.

festival staré hudby            festival staré hudby

The festival programme continues on the 11th July with „The songs of Troubadours and Celtic bards", at the outdoor setting of the  Dívčí Kámen castle ruins. This pilgrimage concert of mediaeval and Celtic music is performed by Jana Šouflová a Hana Blochová. The pigrimage to Santiago de Compostela is the theme of the 12th July, with the opening of the exhibition of photographs by Jan Bím at the monastery church of the Knights of the cross with a red star, together with a concert by the Kvinterna ensemble, „Mediaeval pilgrims". The monastery programme continues on the 14th July with sacred music of the renaissance Europe, „Santiago in the heart" by the Flautando Köln ensemble, and on the 15th July with the concert „Sacred music at the Rozmberk court" by the  Octopus Pragensis ensemble, dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Český Krumlov.. The festival ends on the 16th July with a concert „Sacred European music of the 16th and 17th centuries", by the  Croatian Ensemble Responsorium, also at the Knights of the cross monastery.

Come to Český Krumlov, and listen to the sounds of the past!

For more information visit : 18. FESTIVAL STARÉ HUDBY ČESKÝ KRUMLOV 2009 

festival staré hudby           festival staré hudby